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Not all shoppers are comfortable sharing their account or card information online, or they may not have a local bank, or prefer to pay in person. For these shoppers, cash payment options allow them to purchase online and pay in-person at a designated location (convenience store) or upon delivery of their order.

Konbini Cash
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Konbini, which means “convenience store” in Japanese, allows shoppers to pay for ecommerce purchases in cash at convenience stores. It is the most common digital payment method in Japan after credit cards, making it an essential payment method for optimizing sales in Japan.

Payment Details

Key Benefits As the second most popular payment method in Japan, Konbini is an essential payment option for consumers who do not wish to pay with cards. How it Works

Japanese shoppers select Konbini at checkout and specify which convenience store they would like to make their cash payment. After completing their online order, the shopper receives a unique barcode and reference number which they can use to pay in cash at the specified store. Typically, shoppers have 6-7 days to make their payment before the order is cancelled. For orders involving a physical product, the product is shipped to the address provided by the shopper once the the payment is completed in person.

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