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Visit Digital River Connect, our developer portal, to get information on our available APIs.

API Portal

Digital River Connect features information on APIs. APIs are messages you send into Global Commerce to make something happen. For cases where you want to receive messages from Global Commerce, visit the Webhooks page.


OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile, and desktop applications. The OAuth 2.0 authorization framework enables a third-party application to obtain limited access to an HTTP service.

Shopper API

The Digital River Connect Shopper API operates on a store and products that are set up in Global Commerce. All calls made with “shoppers/me” work in the context of the current shopper as defined by your OAuth token. The APIs are shopper-aware and you can customize a shopping experience accordingly.

Usage-Based Billing API

Currently under construction, the Usage-Based Billing API is used to manage the life cycle of a usage-based billing product.


Webhooks use standard web technology to notify you when an event has occurred in Global Commerce. They can be thought of as push notifications or event listeners. These are outbound messages from Global Commerce, as opposed to our APIs which are inbound messages you send to Global Commerce.


Entitlements or Digital Rights refer to the rights or permissions granted to a shopper by the publisher or manufacturer to use or access a software application, game, system, and so forth. Digital rights protect the sale and distribution of copyrighted works.

Other Fulfillment (OFI)

The Other Fulfillment Integration (OFI) is sometimes referred to as the Electronic Fulfillment Integration. It was originally built to handle the fulfillment of electronic goods, but later expanded to handle various types of unique fulfillment operations. OFI is extremely flexible and has been used to handle fulfillment of licenses, warranties, storage space, secure certificates, pin numbers, digital activations, and various other services.

Physical Fulfillment

Fulfillment distributes products to shoppers. The Physical Fulfillment event notifications are used when you have a physical product that is delivered to shoppers via postal mail or a shipping company.


Products webhooks are batch processes that are used to manage products data, products categories, and product association.

Sales and Orders

With Sales Notifications, you are notified on events such as an order placed, return authorized, credit rejected, and fulfillment completed. Sales and Orders notification events provide Sales and Orders details and activities of sites/stores in your company.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a seamless shopping experience for the customer who navigates from the client site to the Digital River hosted shopping site. To prevent a customer from inconveniently signing on multiple times, DR allows the customer sign-on information to be propagated through a remote user management API.


With Digital River Subscriptions, you are notified immediately of important subscription lifecycle events. These notifications keep you informed when customers create, convert, renew, or cancel subscriptions.


The user management service provides an interface that third party applications and processes can use to manage and retrieve Digital River hosted user information.

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