Ecommerce Training Courses from Digital River University

Our Digital River University training program is one of the many ways we support our clients – empowering self-service, enabling integrations, and optimizing your online commerce businesses.


Digital River University is our easy-to-use, on-demand ecommerce training courses and program offering a combination of written and video-based interactive learning. The training materials are designed to enable client self-service, educating clients and partners on how to use our platforms, as well as increase awareness about all of the features available to leverage.

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For our Global Commerce clients and partners, access to our ecommerce training courses are available at no cost from within the Global Commerce Command Console, with courses ranging from introductory information to detailed technical implementation. The courses were designed to be highly interactive to provide a more hands-on approach to support knowledge retention.

For MyCommerce clients, tutorial videos can be viewed here.

Introductory Training

  • Digital River Commerce-as-a-Service Solutions
  • Global Commerce Command Console
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Web Content Management System (WCMS)

Technical Training

  • Holiday Readiness
  • Managed Inventory
  • Private Stores


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