How can I accelerate global sales for B2B or B2C?

Salesforce +
Digital River

Commerce Meets Global Revenue Growth and Protection


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8-15% Higher Revenue

Increase B2B commerce revenue with local payment methods, innovative billing technology and local payment processing proven to minimize card declines.

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6 Weeks Deployment

With a Salesforce integration, your business can enter new markets within weeks, not years down the road. Finally, you have a B2B commerce solution that removes the challenges delaying your global expansion.

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20-30% Reduced Costs

Simplify operations with the only solution you need for managing global payments, fraud, taxes and compliance.

Gain The Onshore Advantage of Localized Ecommerce Experiences

As the Seller of Record and Merchant of Record, Digital River takes on both the primary relationship with the consumer and the banks. By taking these positions, we can help protect your company from revenue loss and risk when selling online around the world.

Why Digital River

We integrate seamlessly with both Salesforce B2B and B2C commerce platforms and provide you with a single solution for payments, tax, fraud, and compliance. Accelerate and simplify your global expansion which drives revenue growth with local payment processing and billing optimization. Protect your business from the risks, complexities, and legal pitfalls of global commerce with our expertise.

Salesforce B2B Commerce

Want to impress online buyers with seamless, self-service experiences? With the Digital River App for Salesforce B2B Commerce, you have a single solution for controlling the buyer experience, growing your global B2B sales, and protecting your business from risk.

Salesforce B2C Commerce

Looking to convert more shoppers in more international markets? With the Digital River LINK cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce, you have a single solution for creating intelligent commerce experiences, growing global sales, and simplifying the complexities of global commerce.
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Ready to Begin?

Talk to us about tax, regulatory and currency solutions that free you up to focus on growth.