Simplify Global Ecommerce with Digital River and Salesforce B2B
5 Ways to Simplify Global Ecommerce Expansion with the Digital River App for Salesforce B2B

5 Ways to Simplify Global Ecommerce Expansion with the Digital River App for Salesforce B2B

By: Kathleen Phillips
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Companies eyeing global expansion are looking to the Asia Pacific region, where 80% of the $12.2 trillion global B2B ecommerce market is, according to Statista. That’s an incredible opportunity for B2B companies. But entering new markets and actually capturing that revenue is a complicated matter. From tax compliance to payment processing to order management and fulfillment, expansion into new global markets is a multi-layered process that must be done correctly to be successful.

Thankfully, B2B brands can now simplify the complexity of global expansion using the Digital River App for Salesforce B2B. With this powerful integration, you can do business like a local company, increasing conversions and ultimately boosting sales. Here are five ways the Digital River App can empower your B2B company to achieve success in new markets.

1. Simplify your ecommerce channel

One of the biggest challenges in entering new global markets is scaling operations to keep up with complex tax and compliance requirements for your direct channel. The Digital River App simplifies those complexities for you. We take on the responsibilities and liabilities of payment processing, fraud prevention, taxes and maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations. It’s much more than technology. With Digital River, you get a global team of experts to help you stay on top of these challenges so you can focus on delivering exceptional experiences to your customers.

2. Unify customer experiences

Speaking of experiences, back-end processes like payments and fulfillment are just as important as your front-end experiences. The Digital River App ensures that your B2B customers enjoy flawless ordering and checkout, while your brand experiences seamless fulfillment and reverse logistics on the back end. Meanwhile, Salesforce does two important things: enables you to control front-end buyer experiences and acts as the system of record for customer data, which is crucial in running an efficient and optimized global ecommerce business. This helps strengthen brand loyalty while alleviating responsibility on your team to manage these processes.

3. Consolidate technologies

Businesses entering new markets have to account for everything from payments to fraud, regulatory compliance and financial reconciliation. Often, this means partnering with a multitude of vendors to address each individual challenge. Conversely, with the Digital River App, you get all of those capabilities in one single solution. You benefit from a powerful global payment solution with strategic partnerships pre-integrated. This efficiency is why Digital River clients on average see a 20% to 30% reduction in costs.

4. Increase profit margins

The Digital River App not only brings down operational costs, but it can also help optimize your profitability. By processing payments through local banks, not cross-border, and using innovative billing optimization technology, you can provide buyers with a localized experience. That means fewer declines and no surprise foreign transaction fees. Using these payment processes, you can increase revenue by as much as 30% in some markets, and an average of 8% to 15% worldwide.

5. Enter markets faster

To gain market share and dominate your space, you need to move quickly. The Digital River App allows you to open and optimize new markets in six weeks or less. That’s because we already have the local infrastructure and tax registrations established. By leveraging our expertise and existing relationships, you can start reaching new customers in less time.

Expansion into large global markets like the opportunity-rich Asia Pacific region is always challenging. But the Digital River App for Salesforce B2B dramatically boosts your chances of success. By eliminating many of the barriers to cross-border commerce in a single integration, you can focus more of your time and resources on developing winning strategies that drive international success for your B2B brand.

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