How Smart TVs Are Changing the Norms of Passive TV Watching

By: Therese Hudak

At Delivery Agent’s Shoppable Summit in Newport Beach, California, Digital River’s Therese Hudak presented alongside representatives from A+E Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Macquarie, Nielson and Roku talking about the shifts happening in television commerce. The session – “The Shift is On: How Leading Media Companies and Marketers are Responding to Obstacles and Opportunities Tied to Omni-channel Media Consumption and Commerce” – focused on how device proliferation has changed consumers’ media consumption patterns and helped create the “always on” consumer in an omni-channel world. The group talked about changes in consumer preferences, time spent with various media and how the panelists are engaging with their target consumer groups to enable monetization for their business models.

Delivery Agent is one of the leading voices behind the changes happening in television commerce. In today’s always connected world, the consumer’s sense of urgency to purchase what they see on television whether that’s from an ad, television show or infomercial.

The Smart TV Revolution
With the arrival of the Smart TV, it was only a matter of time before a team of brilliant technologists figured out yet another way to tap into the consumers’ buying power. That became a specialty for Delivery Agent. Television commerce is a game-changer for the advertising industry, redefining the power and effectiveness of television advertising and making ads actionable and directly measurable. When people move from being passive TV viewers to active shoppers, advertisers are able to gather real-time performance metrics about shopper behavior. The data will tell them the time of day ads sell the most products, confirm the networks that appeal to specific shopper demographics and help advertisers evaluate the style of ads that convert to sales at the highest rates, among other things. Just as advertisers will be able to uncover volumes about shopper behaviors, Digital River will gain insights into transaction analytics for an emerging commerce channel and establish its own payments best practices for the television commerce channel.

By opening commerce through television, Delivery Agent – with Digital River as its transaction processing partner – shoppers can now purchase directly from the first screen – the television – or use their second screen to search for and purchase products seen in TV commercials and shows. The ease with which consumers transition from ‘viewing’ to ‘wanting’ to ‘shopping’ to ‘buying’ is an efficient, effortless task.

What’s next for television commerce?
It is projected that by 2017, over 50 percent of TV households in North America will own a Smart TV – positioning television commerce to grow at an explosive rate.

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