Our Commerce Cloud Solutions

Payment Processing
Get to market fast with the right local payment options to be successful wherever you sell with low cost transaction processing, intelligent routing to improve authorization rates, financial reconciliation and risk management of local law and tax regulations.
Subscriptions & Recurring Billing
Whatever your business model and product mix, take advantage of our fixed, tiered and pro-rated pricing, multiple billing terms, metered billing and subscription plans to scale a recurring revenue stream.
In-App & Wallets
Create an in-app purchasing experience on any device with smart wallet management so users can stored payment method details or use virtual currencies to shop in a variety of different games or apps.
Order Management
Supporting a seamless customer experience at every step of the order process, from placement to fulfillment, while keeping the back end manageable, efficient and profitable for your business.
Experience Management
Enable a powerful user experience by delivering experience-driven commerce with personalized content and promotions with our robust platform tools or connection to Adobe Experience Manager.
B2B & Reseller Channel Engagement
Grow an online commerce channel without cutting out partners—sell subscriptions licenses B2B and through reseller partners, automate maintenance renewals and payments to partners and streamline channel processes.
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Global Fulfillment
Use your existing structure to easily plug into our extensive network of pre-integrated warehouse and fulfillment partners, and our inventory tools to manage pre-orders, back orders, split shipment, inventory reporting and more.
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The Many Benefits of Cloud SaaS vs. On-Premise

Improve business agility

Making upgrades and customizations in an on-premise environment tends to be labor intensive—making it expensive and time consuming. With Digital River’s multi-tenant SaaS platform and cloud data centers, upgrades are seamless, automatic and frequent—freeing business leaders to run with more strategic endeavors.

75% of North American and European enterprise software decision makers surveyed by Forrester rated “business agility” as the top benefit of a SaaS platform1.1

Reduce Costs

Digital River’s cloud commerce solution gives you a lower cost of entry, allowing you to avoid substantial capital investments that can come with the on-premise route.

59% of North American and European enterprise software decision makers surveyed by Forrester rated the ability to substitute upfront costs with regular monthly payments as a significant consideration in SaaS adoption.1

Strengthen security

Gartner now advises that cloud-based SaaS solutions are more secure than on-premise IT data centers.2

The Value of Digital River's Commerce Cloud

454% ROI
$230,000 in additional annual revenue
$228,000 in cost savings
$60,000 in reduced support costs

ROI is impacted by three key things: cost of doing business, speed to revenue and profitability. Maintaining an agile ecommerce system that is easy to implement, run, and support, while meeting customer, regulatory, and fiduciary requirements involves highly complex expertise and significant operational costs. Digital River's SaaS cloud commerce platform and end-to-end solutions provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) versus managing it in-house or engaging multiple vendors. Combine that with our ability to deliver the fastest speed to market in the industry and the greatest profitability for your business, and you'll find we have a very compelling ROI model.3

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Global Ecommerce Capabilities

Q1 2017 Cloud Innovations

SmartChannel Solution for Ecommerce

Global Commerce Private Stores

MyCommerce for Self-Service Global Ecommerce

Global Commerce Self-Service Store Management & Merchandising Tools

Global Commerce Subscription Solutions

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