Channel Lead Management

Our channel management solutions allows you to capture insight into your customer's behavior, manage channel partners and increase revenue.


Digital River’s channel management solution is a global, where-to-buy, online lead management solution that puts all the data you need right at your fingertips. Through tracking and analytics, you can capture insight into your customer’s behavior, manage your channel partners and increase online revenue . . . all at the same time.

Channel Lead Management Offerings

Real-Time Inventory

Access online inventory information and automatically replace “out of stock” messages with preferred reseller links

Competitive Market Analysis

Compare your product pricing with competitive products. Review pricing, price history, ratings and reviews, stock status and manage and enforce minimum advertised price (MAP) violations.

Minimize Channel Conflict

List your trusted retail partners and their product information. You control rankings and what data to show, such as pricing, shipping and handling, rebates, stock status, a buy button and more.

Close the Loop

Track shoppers after they have left your site and collect data about purchasing behavior. Where did they go? Did they buy? What did they buy? Knowing this information can dramatically affect your overall online and offline strategy—and your revenue.

Geographical Heat Maps

View breakdown of purchasing information and trends by geographical region.


Mobile optimization ensures that customers can find where to buy your product while on the move.

Online Data, Offline Sales

Allow customers to use a store locator to find brick-and-mortar stores that carry your products.


Measure campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) across all channels.

Track Public and Private Pricing Tiers

Protect your brand and product value by tightly monitoring how partners set prices relative to your MAP.

Integrate with Social Media

Create buying opportunities on your Facebook and YouTube pages by integrating customer lifecycle management (CLM) with your social media sites.

Global Solution

Multi-language and currency support for deployments around the world.

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