Client Success

An Organization Dedicated to Your Ecommerce Prosperity

When you become a client of Digital River, you gain access to our Client Success Organizations, consisting of highly knowledgeable Account Management, Professional Services, Commerce Operations and Marketing experts each offering a specific skill set to help your ecommerce business flourish.

Account Management

Your personal Account Management team will include an Account Leader who will act as an executive sponsor, and an Account Director and Manager responsible for your partnerships, revenue growth and overall commerce strategy.

Your Account Management team will:

  • Consult on marketing and commerce best practices/strategy growth opportunities and services to help run and grow your online business.
  • Partner across Digital River to exceed expectations and ensure all organizations are aligned on your strategy.
  • Tap into industry SME’s, trends and data to continually develop recommendations that will improve your store’s customer experience and shopper conversions.

Gain greater visibility to global ecommerce trends and regular consultation on new ways to grow your business while focusing on your core business needs with the Digital River Account Management team.

Professional Services

The Digital River Professional Services team consists of experienced project managers, consultants, solution architects, integration engineers, web developers and testing specialists to help you:

  • Manage implementations of our ecommerce platform for clients across the globe.
  • Collaborate with your technical and business teams to scope, design and implement regional or global ecommerce solutions.
  • Provide ecommerce functional expertise to configure our ecommerce platform features to your specific business needs.
  • Provide technical expertise to integrate our ecommerce platform into your ecosystem of business systems.
  • Consult, design and build stores/sites with improved conversion rates focused on best-in-class functional user experience and page performance.

When you work with the Professional Services team you’ll gain access to a team of global ecommerce experts and solution consultants with a rich repository of tools and best practices to help you build, integrate and deliver ecommerce solutions that are in line with your business goals and are recognized by significant brands across the globe.

Commerce Operations

The Commerce Operations team is made up of five different groups who run the day-to-day commerce business for your company:

  • Client Operations: Supports your business with store operations, planning and executing launches, and negative event management
  • Global Logistics: Connects commerce to logistics partners and insights, and assists with supply chain management
  • Fraud Prevention: Maximizes successful order completion by optimizing order accept rates, while minimizing fraudulent and chargeback activities
  • Customer Service: Responds to shopper inquiries via phone, email and chat
  • Digital River University: Provides online and in-person training courses on our platforms and capabilities

By working with the Commerce Operations team, you receive an extension to your team with support from Digital River. We will provide everything from occasional guidance and help to full augmentation of resources on daily task management;  a breadth of experience with global fulfillment; and access to the most comprehensive online fraud detection and prevention system you can find.

MarketForce™ Digital Marketing Agency

Digital River’s MarketForce Digital Marketing Agency consists of site optimization, analytics, affiliate, acquisition, creative, email and SEO experts passionate about using data to increase conversions by:

  • Focusing on increasing your revenue and maintaining partnerships that can help your marketing programs grow
  • Expanding beyond what you are currently able to accomplish with organic search, direct traffic and paid media
  • Creating performance-optimized design that will change the way consumers see your brand
  • Delivering personalized, truly localized experiences that resonate to your clients’ inboxes
  • Increasing your online relevancy and making sure your brand is found

MarketForce approaches your business goals from a unique perspective to drive growth and enhance brand loyalty. They provide a revenue share model so their team is incentivized by your campaign success, giving you confidence in your ROI. The team is located throughout all major global markets, so campaign materials can be personalized to be effective in each region.

Let the MarketForce team help you maximize and manage your brand’s connections across the entire customer engagement journey and create a seamless ecosystem of digital engagement experiences.

Let Digital River help you gain global success. Contact one of our trusted advisors.

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