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A dedicated team to help your business reach its full potential

One of the biggest contributing factors to a business’s success is customer satisfaction. Through long-term customer relationships a business can achieve continued growth. Digital River’s Client Service Team—comprised of dedicated client marketing and account managers—offers you ecommerce expertise to optimize your marketing and promotions, and manage product information and store operations. We focus on enhancing your customers’ shopping experience to build and maintain a strong, loyal customer base for your business.

Our integrated Commerce-as-a-Service operation requires management of a broad range of day-to-day functions for the technology platform, website integration, marketing solutions, portfolio management, payment processing, and complex business infrastructure services and order management capabilities.

Experienced account and marketing managers will support you and your business to answer all transactional and account related inquiries and will oversee all marketing and operations teams assigned to support your business to ensure your unique business needs are being met and managed to the highest standard. Your team will review your business, make regular suggestions to continually optimize the consumer experience and increase your revenue. In addition, Digital River provides comprehensive customer service and technical support for your team, and your customers.

Client satisfaction and success is paramount to our business

Our client marketing managers manage store tasks, product data and store promotions. They oversee and execute pages and campaigns to further reach customers. Through the insightful recommendations of your client marketing manager you can improve content, experience and conversion for your customers. Client delivery portfolio managers support technical and production needs for multiple projects in flight simultaneously, including geographic expansions, private stores, and implementation of new integrations and architecture. Trust these managers to take care of store operation details so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Digital River's Client Success Team

On average, we grow clients’ revenue by 10-20% through integrated commerce solutions and marketing services.

Apply our expertise in shopper experience and marketing best practices to grow your online sales

In addition to managing your store setup and operations, your client service team will identify trends and provide recommendations for performance enhancements to improve your store’s customer experience and shopper conversions. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed or self-service marketing program, we can help you find the right mix of solutions to grow your business globally, bring in more revenue and uncover new opportunities.

Connect with Digital River to optimize your global business opportunities

Leverage your expertise for your unique business needs with our broad capabilities and expertise around global ecommerce, worldwide payment offerings, and effective marketing strategies. Together, we can cultivate long-term customer relationships and grow your business.

Benefits to working with Digital River's Client Success Team

  • Expertise to build, integrate and manage a superior online store operation
  • Visibility to global ecommerce trends and regular consultation on new ways to grow your business
  • Maintain customer relationships on your behalf, with a dedicated customer service and technical support team
  • Allows you to focus on your core business needs
Increase revenue opportunity with our interactive marketing expertise

Increase revenue opportunity with out interactive marketing expertise

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Site Optimization
  • Email Programs
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Affiliate Programs and Networks
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