Contextual Commerce

Creating a tailored, adaptive and predictive digital customer experience.


As our lives are becoming more mobile by the second, we are demanding access to even more at our fingertips. At Digital River, we know consumers value efficiency—being able to get exactly what they want, when they want it, how they want it. Consumers want their favorite brands and retailers to provide a predictive marketing analysis based on personal habits, resulting in ecommerce personalization.

Contextual Commerce is based on these elements:

  • Demographic: information customers have provided
  • Behavioral: data from historical decisions
  • Situational: adaptive data across devices

"62% of US online adults have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience."

Forrester’s North American Consumer Technographics® Brand Compass Survey, Q1 2015.

Create a “Me-Commerce” experience

Predictive Notifications

Instead of buying an additional item that is connected to the Internet, the Internet is built into a product the consumer already uses, such as a pair of shoes or toothbrush. With predictive data, the manufacturer receives alerts when the customer needs a replacement or replenishment.

Proactive Delivery

Consumers will no longer have to wait until their product breaks or runs out—searching for a replacement, reading reviews, comparing prices and ultimately making a purchase—the replacement process becomes automated so that the customer receives the new product right before they need it.

Product Personalization

Brands will lead consumers to make smart purchasing decisions by recommending the correct product based on how the consumer uses it. For example, how the product used and when. This gives your customers the peace of mind to know that they are getting the best product for their lifestyle.

Commerce Experience

Shopper experience capabilities to deliver personalized products, promotions and content.

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Marketing Services

Digital marketing tools and services to increase customer acquisition, retenetion and sales conversions.

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Payment Capabilities

Extensive global payment methods and services to satisfy the payment preferences of your customers.

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Commerce Business Infrastructure

Digital River's global infrastructure and risk management solutions to support the back-office elements of ecommerce.

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Commerce of Things

Explicit Data

Data points that are expressly provided by the consumer about themselves: demographic, geographic and prefential.

Implicit Data

Information about a subscribers preferences and areas of interest based on engagement and behavior in tracked channels such as email, social, mobile and the web.


  • Paid search
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Search engine optimization


  • Site optimization
  • Trial optimization
  • Product recommendations
  • Promotion optimization
  • Site abandonment


  • Email marketing
  • Dynamic personalization
  • CRM strategies
  • Loyalty programs

Supportive Capabilities

Self-Service APIs

We build application programming interfaces (APIs) to help manufacturers, merchants and payment providers build the smart objects they want to provide to their customers.
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Subscription Models

We support usage-based billing through our Metered Renewals subscription solution, which enables consumption-based subscription models to be applied to a diverse range of products and services—bill by number of transactions, incidents or whatever measurable unit desired.
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Marketing Services

We provide our marketing services through MarketForce™, our in-house agency. MarketForce™ is able to use the data your company collects about your customers to provide a more personalized experience though targeted emails, marketing campaigns, analytics and more.
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Commerce Business Infrastructure (CBI)

We have built the next generation of back office services and technology, Digital River Commerce Business Infrastructure™ (CBI), to accommodate the transactions that smart objects will produce.
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