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Platform flexibility and configured APIs enable ease of integration

Digital River’s agile Global Commerce platform, combined with our library of configured APIs and other developer tools, make it easy to integrate ecommerce systems and shopper experience capabilities.

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal is our dedicated hub for developer resources and information—designed to empower our clients and partners to easily integrate their systems with Digital River’s commerce cloud.

The portal has an extensive library of standard APIs, sample HTML and JavaScript applications and other developer tools, useful resources for developers to connect and share expertise, ideas and information for successful implementation of Digital River commerce solutions.

Classic APIs can be leveraged to integrate information for common ecommerce operations, including:

Bulk user management: Retrieve and share Digital River-hosted user information with third-party applications and processes.

Entitlements & digital rights management: Protect the sale and distribution of copyrighted works—use our set of Classic APIs to pass key requests and revoke information for DRM licensing and entitlements.

Single sign-on: Provide a seamless shopping experience for customers navigating from the client site to the Digital River-hosted shopping site.

Product data management: Import product information management (PIM) and catalog data.

Subscription Management: Enable new subscriber acquisition, renewal, subscription updates, customer data updates, and bulk subscriber load APIs to keep you informed about customer activity.

Order Management: Synchronize order data with physical and digital fulfillment and order processing systems for end-to-end order management.

Digital River's agile Global Commerce platform

Open, modular platform supports plug-and-play configurability via APIs to use a combination of Digital River, in-house and third-party partner solutions.

Create a best-in-class commerce experience

Digital River provides the platform technology and tools to ensure a seamless and best-in-class shopping experience for your customers and simple site administration for your commerce operations team.

With minimal set up and management, your catalog, merchandising and customer information can extend beyond a Digital River-hosted web page. The same concepts used to maintain an engaging storefront and order fulfillment process can be utilized in any of your integrated solutions using Digital River Connect. Capitalize on new trends and markets without ignoring your proven solutions and taking attention away from other major projects.

Shopper APIs

Digital River Shopper APIs support OAuth 2.0 authentication for shopper-side behavior of website stores in a modern RESTful framework. Developers use these APIs to build the storefront functionalities that facilitate shopping workflows, store operations and products that are set up in Global Commerce. Shopper APIs create a best-in-class shopping experience for your customers through each step of the shopping process:

  • Obtaining catalog, product, pricing and inventory status
  • Accessing offer data and merchandising content
  • Creating and maintaining a cart on behalf of a shopper
  • Forwarding a shopper to a direct-to-cart checkout page
  • Submitting an order
  • Displaying shopper details and order history to support shopper self-service
  • Creating new shopper accounts
  • The OAuth APIs enable a third-party application to obtain limited anonymous access or full authenticated access on behalf of a shopper

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