Global Commerce Solutions

Digital River Global Commerce, our enterprise ecommerce platform, offers the most powerful global ecommerce solutions for selling digital and physical products across global online markets.


Digital River's Global Commerce is our largest global ecommerce platform, combined with end-to-end solution offerings, easy maintenance, support and execution for successful ecommerce business and global growth.

With a flexible business model, Digital River's multi-channel, global ecommerce solutions are designed to help your company maximize revenue and simplify the complexities of global commerce.

Modular, Configurable, Integrated Global Commerce Solutions

  • With a single deployment, any number of stores can be set up in multiple geographies, supporting multiple business models
  • Grow online revenue and execute your sales and marketing strategies with our powerful, self-service marketing tools, such as flexible offers, A/B testing and search engine optimization
  • Leverage our growing ecosystem of integrated partner plug-ins to optimize shopper experience and conversion on your web store (i.e. product videos, chat, ratings and reviews)
  • Excellent shopping experience across channels, devices and touchpoints
  • Configurable, customizable catalog and product setup
  • Subscription solutions
  • End-to-end reporting and data insights
  • Developer resources and extensive application programming interfaces (APIs) to support integrations and ease of development

Drive Global Sales

  • Engineered to drive sales in more than 30 languages and virtually every country in the world
  • Dynamic transaction routing increases client authorization rates up to 30%
  • Use localized sites and stores to reach more people

Scalable, Open Platform

  • Triple-redundant, global cloud-based infrastructure to accommodate the highest of transactional volume
  • Industry-leading 99.997%+ uptime, delivering an always-on shopping experience
  • Handles traffic spikes with ease, and has the capacity to share infrastructure and load balance stores based on client needs
  • More than 1.5 billion API calls each day

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