In-App Payment Solutions

Capitalize on your captivated audience. Whether you’re selling B2B or direct to consumers, hardware or software, alone or with partners, Digital River provides the precise services for a quick and desirable in-app purchasing experience.


In the fast-evolving world of business models, our in-app payment solutions allow you to react at the speed of the market. Games and apps are becoming services with content often served in impulse, bit-sized increments. Enable a frictionless and immediate buying experience to drive consumption and revenue. Our cutting-edge, in-app and in-game purchasing solutions empower your shoppers to load stored values of virtual or real money currencies in their personal virtual wallet.

This elegant payment solution, combined with our centralized shopper experience, enables users to store their payment method details and shop instantly in a variety of different games or apps—without the need to register again or run through an extensive checkout process. Convenient features like auto-funding, loyalty rewards and parent/child account management will drive consumers to satisfy their impulsive purchase with a single click.

In-App Payment Offerings

Multi-Currency Support

Expand your customer base. Digital River supports leading payment options from around the world to enable the funding of a consumer’s virtual or real money wallet.


Let your users schedule funding to their own wallets and child-based wallets.

Loyalty Awards

Award the purchases of your shopper with loyalty points.

Cross Screen Support

Make use of our agnostic approach with support for web, mobile, TV and more.

Account-Based Fraud Control

Integrated fraud scores, which are created through a virtually unlimited number of definable attributes, regulate money spending rights, virtual item and/or content rights and payment method usage.

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