In-App Solutions

Captivate your audience. Whether you’re selling B2B or direct to consumers, Digital River provides the right tools for a best-in-class in-app purchasing experience.


Fast, intimate and completely controllable, an in-app store experience is your path to an exclusive sales relationship with your customer—one that can generate sale after loyal sale. Our in-app solutions enable you to engage, process and fulfill a customer transaction immediately within any app on any device.

Digital River provides the opportunity to maximize revenue through a contextual experience by embedding a personalized shopping and checkout experience directly within your app. This provides a more streamlined and integrated experience for buyers.

In-App Solution Offerings

Our complete merchandising toolset increases lifetime value, close ratios and average order value through a variety of social and marketing features which include cross-sells, upsells, discounts, bundles and more.

Global Capability

By operating ecommerce experiences in virtually every country in the world, offering localized payment methods and communicating with you and your customers in a variety of languages, Digital River helps you sell and maximize sales throughout the world.


A full suite of commerce-enabled application programming interfaces (APIs) customizes your commerce experience to suit your consumers’ needs.

Predefined Widgets or Create Your Own

Use predefined JavaScript widgets or integrate with an iframe for a faster speed to market or create a completely integrated experience with Digital River Connect APIs in your application.

In-App Payments

Enable your users to store their payment method details and shop instantly in a variety of different games or apps—without the need to register again or run through an extensive checkout process. Read More

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