International Business Solutions

Regardless of where you or your audience is located, Digital River offers global business expansion and international business solutions.


The Internet has become the essential tool to launch, grow and nurture your business. Regardless of where you or your audience is located, you can now easily reach new markets, new customers and new opportunities as your company grows. While a global vision can be limitless, the realities of international business aren’t. As the Internet simplifies global business expansion, the awaiting challenges in local markets can temper global ambitions.

By touching nearly $30 billion in global online sales annually in nearly 243 countries, Digital River understands the entrepreneurial vision that drives some of the world’s leading companies to push the boundaries of their businesses into markets. With nearly 1,500 ecommerce experts located in international markets across five continents, we can anticipate challenges and provide international business solutions to enable you to succeed while continuing to focus on the growth of your business.

International Business Solutions Offerings


Seamless expansion of your business into compelling international markets and channels while minimizing impact to infrastructure or administrative requirements.


Confidence in confronting data security, fraud, regulatory and export compliance and tax obligations associated with doing business in local markets on a global basis


Comprehensive toolkit to commerce, payment, marketing and fulfillment options proven to maximize results in local markets.

Tax compliance

We are experts in compliance with local tax rules and obligations to protect your business, even in demanding markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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