Merchandising Solutions & Sales Management Tools

Digital River's ecommerce merchandising solutions & sales management tools drive conversions and increase revenue across multiple channels and devices.


React or stay ahead of the market with compelling offers, bundles and any sort of unique selling propositions that your customers want. Digital River’s ecommerce merchandising and sales management tools help you convert browsers into buyers, and create stronger connections with customers by increasing your value proposition in the marketplace.

Increase your average order value and close ratios through our advanced ecommerce merchandising capabilities. Our sales management tools and solutions help you engage customers and maximize revenue by making ecommerce experiences more relevant, dynamic and personal.

Merchandising Offerings

Dynamic Content

Easily change or update special promotional content areas, hero spots, landing pages, top sellers, featured items, pop-ups and more all in real time.

Pricing Flexibility

Publish and modify price lists based on shopper engagement, locales and global opportunities.

Rules-Driven Selling

Drive up average order values with cross-selling, upselling and product association logic, as well as in-store presentation treatments (product page, interstitial page, shopping cart targeting).


Access features through our real-time remote control engine and also as application programming interfaces (APIs).

Merchandising Strategies

Customer Acquisition

  • Capitalize on seasonal traffic spikes via name capture
  • Keep products and promotions front and center

Customer Retention

  • Treat your customers like VIPs
  • Offer online exclusives

Driving Conversion

  • Use shipping as a lever
  • Give customers control of their basket

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