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Exceed Consumer Expectations with our Fulfillment-as-a-Service Technology (F.A.S.T)


Digital River’s Global Fulfillment solution connects commerce to logistics partners by providing capabilities that will improve the user experience while giving better supply chain visibility. Our scalable platform helps our fulfillment operations teams perform everyday order management tasks efficiently and with transparency.

Today’s consumers expect instant gratification when they purchase online. Most will shop elsewhere if you are unable to provide low or free shipping with a small delivery window. Understanding and managing logistics processes and expenses are imperative to the success of any online business, and with millions of physical shipments per year, Digital River’s Global Fulfillment offers plenty of experience.


How do you deliver on these very high consumer expectations while keeping your costs low?

Digital River’s Global Fulfillment technology can help you manage your online channel from pre-sale to post-order, while normalizing processes and reducing costs within the supply chain.

We provide:
Strategic sourcing
Seamless fulfilment partner integrations
Trade partner intelligence
Carrier management
Pre-order management
Return processing
Track & trace capabilities
In-home and expedited delivery
Gifting services

Global Fulfillment Simplified

Digital River ships millions of physical items per year, so you know that your customers’ satisfaction can be managed with confidence. With Global Fulfillment, you can seamlessly plug in to our extensive network of pre-integrated warehouse and fulfillment partners. And we are always adding new fulfiller integrations & features.

Flexible and Scalable Options

Our suite of inventory management tools and services include support for pre-orders, back orders, split shipment, inventory reporting and more. Let our team of expert advisers help you choose which model is right for your needs.

Buy/sell distribution model
Digital River buys inventory from a wholesale distributor for drop-shipments to your end customer.

Pre-integrated infrastructure
Digital River-managed warehouses ship your products.

Use your existing structure, giving you complete control

There’s more to fulfillment than taking a box off of the warehouse shelf and shipping it. Own your customers’ satisfaction and enhance their relationship with your brand - let Digital River help manage the complexities of your physical fulfillment and digital fulfillment.

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