Private Stores

Create a unique ecommerce experience for specific customers

Are you concerned about channel and minimum advertised price (MAP) conflicts? Do you have excess product inventory to liquidate? Are you looking for new ways to sell directly to different customer segments?

Digital River now offers a powerful feature that brings an unprecedented level of flexibility and control to market-focused merchandising and sales: Private Stores.

Tap into new market segments through Private Stores

Employee purchase plans: Reward your employees by providing them with an opportunity to purchase a limited number of products for a significantly discounted price.

Special discounts for partners: Strengthen relationships with your business partners by setting up a co-branded, discounted shopping experience for their employees.

Educational pricing discounts: Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals. Build brand loyalty with them early on using incentive-based pricing.

Friends and family: Extend employee purchasing program deals to your employees’ friends and families by invitation.

Loyalty or fan clubs: Reward loyal users with an exclusive shopping experience that includes products and offers selected specifically for them.

Event attendees: Create a private shopping experience for customers that goes beyond the trade show or event you are sponsoring.

Create Customer Shopping Experience with Private Stores from Digital River

Digital River estimates that Private Stores will help customers drive a 15% increase or more in direct sales by tapping into new markets with highly-targeted product offerings.

Create a custom shopping experience with your Private Store by tailoring:

User experience: Create unique branding and user experiences for each segment to maximize conversion rates.

Discounts and merchandising: Create product promotions and incentives specific to each Private Store.

Purchase restrictions: Restrict the quantity of products a shopper can purchase in a given time period to prevent misuse.

Control access to your Private Stores

You can set authorization rules for each Private Store to match restriction preferences. Access rules range from a known set of shoppers to those that match specific access criteria. Each of the following authorization rules enables you to support a different Private Store need:

  • Email address
  • Email invitation
  • Email domain
  • Unique access code
  • Referring URL
  • IP address

The Digital River Private Stores feature enables you to create highly targeted experiences for shoppers—from custom branding and discounting to the application of purchasing restrictions—helping you to close more business.

Learn how Private Stores can give you flexibility and control over merchandising to drive exclusivity.

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