SmartChannel Buy and Resell Model

Leverage your ecommerce system to take offline partners online

SmartChannel’s Buy and Resell model takes your current offline partner purchasing process and moves it online—allowing resellers to buy through a specialized purchasing portal. This model delivers all the benefits of online commerce to your most important buyers. Partners purchase products at their “buy” price and resell them to end customers. Resellers and B2B customers get best practice self-service and a B2B purchasing experience.

How the Buy and Resell process works

Step 1. Resellers log-in to SmartChannel to configure their order. Resellers are able to authorize products, configure list and buy prices, capture end customer data and use optional templates to copy previous orders.
Step 2. The reseller then proceeds to checkout under their partner “company” account using a commerce-based, locale-supported payment method.
Step 3. Once resellers checkout, SmartChannel allows resellers to receive licenses and status updates offering real-time license fulfillment and the option to update other statuses or parties.
Step 4. Resellers are also able to view recent orders, order history, and invoice details, and can search for orders by customer, viewing details or invoices.

Expectations vs. reality: Is SmartChannel Buy and Resell the right model for you?

This model is a great fit in scenarios where:

  • Resellers expect a simple, easy, consumer-like purchasing experience.
  • Your current ordering process is complex, costly or slow compared to ecommerce.
  • Resellers would benefit from real-time fulfillment of licenses when they make purchases.
  • Getting end customer information on orders placed by resellers is a struggle.
  • A typical end customer purchase requires a hands-on sales effort by the reseller.
  • You have a category of resellers who want to buy direct (instead of buying through distributors).

Key Benefits

  • Drives significant efficiency, accuracy and cycle-time improvements to order processing
  • Simplifies program management with centralized business rules for authorized products and buy-pricing management
  • Increases partner adoption through integration to existing quoting process or a deal registration in a CRM or PRM system
  • Easier program compliance with rules and permissions for authorized buyers and reviews/approvals on reseller purchases

SmartChannel capabilities

Partner-specific products: Limit the products available for purchase to certain partners based on the program and categorization or grouping of products.

Special pricing and quoting: Automate special pricing requests using configurable business rules and workflow. Allow partners to create quotes and send to end customers to purchase online.

Order management: View recent orders, order searches and invoices, and download order details in CSV. Provide granular order status updates and notifications. Use order templates and re-orders for fast, easy-to-use order submission.

CRM integration: Integrate the quote and order creation process with your existing CRM or partner system, leveraging your existing deal registration and opportunity management process.

Customer management: View recent customers, optionally require customer info on orders, upload and download customer list, and edit customer information. Automatically associate the end customer with the reseller for future orders.

Multiple buyer support: Allow partners to designate multiple authorized buyers—all of whom purchase under the same company account—using the same line of credit or payment method.

Approval workflow: Optionally configure approval requests and notifications into the ordering process based on order value or any other field. Approver/reviewer can be personnel at the partner company or your company.

Purchase orders and line of credit: Incorporate a line of credit as a purchasing instrument and expose available credit and outstanding amounts for partners as part of the purchasing process.*

Partner buy/customer renew: Allow partners to make an initial purchase on a subscription product—when it is time to renew the subscription, allow the customer to execute the renewal themselves and commission the partner.

SmartChannel Buy and Resell Capabilities

Distributor branding and incentives: If resellers also purchase through distributors, co-brand their purchasing experience with the appropriate distributor, and compensate distributors for reseller purchases with credits, rebates or commissions.

*Using a line of credit requires a separate, specific agreement with Digital River.

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