Grow revenue by extending ecommerce to your partner channel

SmartChannel is an enterprise SaaS platform that extends ecommerce to your partner channels to grow revenue and reduce costs. SmartChannel provides solutions for channel conflict, complex ordering, subscriptions, incentives and compensation, as a centralized and seamless partner management platform.

SmartChannel benefits

Improve sales growth by selling subscription licenses though the channel in the online store. Automate and nurture maintenance renewals online to credit and pay partners. Decrease cycle time from order to fulfillment and payment. Streamline any channel process and integrate it your ecommerce operation.

Reduce channel conflict

SmartChannel allows partners to sign up for your ecommerce program online and supports the partners’ direct involvement in every part of ecommerce—marketing, ordering, fulfillment—even hosting a version of the store on their own web page. All activity and end customer order information is fully visible and transparent to partners.

Streamline a complex ordering process

SmartChannel implements a streamlined, ecommerce-based purchasing process for partners—single or multi-tier. Capture crucial end customer information, and implement specific B2B purchasing business rules such as partner buy pricing, special pricing request, and custom workflow.

Automate recurring revenue

SmartChannel automatically pays partners on renewals and credits partners when their end customers renew a subscription online. Renewals can be nurtured through partners or directly to end customers, and entitlements are tracked automatically.

Cultivating partner loyalty & boosting channel partner management

Cultivating partner loyalty today is a complex, multifaceted endeavor, one that warrants a new vision incorporating new approaches to partner engagement.1

1 Forester; Brief: Boosting Channel Partner Engagement

Centrally manage incentives and compensation

SmartChannel supports centrally managed partner program buy pricing and compensates the partner for any activity they perform—new sales, renewals, service activity—using any calculation method. Capture and report on sales forecasts vs. actual performance, manage internal channel sales managers, and even calculate commissions earned by individual reps.

Support any channel business model

SmartChannel supports a wide range of business models and can be configured to align to your specific business requirements:

  • Buy and Resell: Partners purchase products at their “buy” price and resell them to end customers. Resellers and B2B customers get best practice self-service and a B2B purchasing experience.
  • Syndicated Commerce: Partners refer customers to your store using syndicated marketing content, brand the storefront with their logos or embed stores into their websites. Partners receive revenue share for sales and renewals.
  • Partner Marketplace: Approved partners submit products to your catalog. As products are sold, fulfillment and revenue share is automated. Workflow handles product submission and catalog integration.
  • Custom Business Models: SmartChannel’s Commerce Transaction Builder allows you to support any process or program: usage-based subscriptions delivered by multiple parties, quote-to-sale flows, cloud service metering, performance analytics and Commerce-of-Things.
SmartChannel: Extending ecommerce capabilities to your sales channels

SmartChannel: Extending ecommerce capabilities to your sales channels

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