SmartChannel Partner Marketplace

Provide an expansive sales and distribution channel for your partners

SmartChannel’s Partner Marketplace model leverages your commerce infrastructure to provide a marketplace for the online promotion and sale of partner products. Many partners sell their own products—integrated applications that extend your products’ core functionality, service plans, training or even customer support.

The Partner Marketplace model makes it easy and convenient for end customers to purchase additional related products and services, providing a scalable, expansive sales and distribution channel for your partners.

How the Partner Marketplace works

Step 1. Partners submit products through a self-service submission form, where they have the ability to upload an Excel CSV file, attach marketing assets and digital content captures.
Step 2. The submission is then routed through a review and approval workflow. The approver can approve, reject, add notes to the submission or automatically approve and publish into the catalog.
Step 3. Once approved, the partner marketing links are automatically created and the products are available in the online store for end customers to purchase. After a purchase is made, the partner who owns the product is credited for the purchase.
Step 4. SmartChannel Partner Marketplace will automatically calculate revenue share and can directly or indirectly fulfill orders. This process comes full-circle with robust reporting capabilities.

Expectations vs. reality: Is SmartChannel Partner Marketplace the right model for you?

Partner Marketplace is an ideal solution for you if your partners sell add-on products and services. Some qualifiers to determine if Partner Marketplace is the right model:

  • You have a “platform-like” product that partners extend upon with packaged applications.
SmartChannel Partner Marketplace Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Drives incremental revenue for partners and your online store
  • Offers end customers an enhanced catalog to get more value-added offerings
  • Strengthens partner loyalty by providing a global ecommerce route to market their products
  • You have a large developer or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) channel.
  • Partners offer packaged training or implementation services for your product.
  • Partners offer extended support or warranties for your product

SmartChannel capabilities

  • Product self-service: Provide partners the ability to submit products to your catalog, including configurable workflow for review and approval of submissions.
  • Channel catalog: Manage and organize partner product information; integrate and publish catalog data into your ecommerce structure and other systems.
  • Integrated digital marketing: Automate the creation of digital assets and links so you and your partners can drive customers to the your catalog as well as partner products.
  • Candy rack merchandising: When a shopper puts an item in their cart, prompt them to purchase related partner products to drive incremental order value.
  • Commerce app store: Create an app store or exchange that includes partner branding where customers can purchase apps independently.
  • Embedded app store: Allow partners to publish a “store” section on their website where their products can be purchased using your ecommerce check out process.
  • In-app promotion: Reach users who want add-on products and services—use your installed product as a powerful tool to connect end customers to your store.
  • Multi-party revenue share: Earn revenue on the sales of partner products, pay a share to other partners in your eco system who promote and refer sales to the store or play a role in order fulfillment.
  • Automated payments to partners: We act as Seller of Record and handle the back office accounting for you—it’s automated and supported with detailed reporting.
SmartChannel Partner Marketplace Capabilities
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