SmartChannel Syndicated Commerce

Extend a full suite of ecommerce capabilities to your partners

SmartChannel’s Syndicated Commerce model allows you to involve your partners in every aspect of ecommerce. Your partners will have the ability to earn commission for referring sales from their digital marketing efforts, nurture renewals, send end customers to commerce check out via quote-to-cart, syndicate your product catalog for their own ecommerce store and even embed a special version of your store on their website—complete with co-branding capabilities.

How the Syndicated Commerce process works

Step 1. Partners engage end customers through a web URL link, nurturing email, quote with link to the cart, or an embedded storefront.
Step 2. The customer arrives at the store and SmartChannel captures the referring partner information. SmartChannel supports co-branding with partner logos to ensure a seamless end customer experience and provide the option to select a preferred partner supplier.
Step 3. Once the order has been placed and fulfilled, the order details are recorded in SmartChannel and the referring partner is credited for the order. Commissions are calculated and the sale is reported in the SmartChannel dashboard, which features end customer details, real-time reporting, alerts and automatic calculations.

Expectations vs. reality: Is SmartChannel Syndicated Commerce the right model for you?

The Syndicated Commerce SmartChannel model solves the channel conflict challenge, giving your partners a new capability to market and sell online. This model is a great fit in scenarios where:

  • You sell recurring revenue products online (subscriptions, maintenance plans, customer support).
  • Driving end customer renewals through resellers is challenging or isn’t cost effective.
  • Partners lack the resources and capabilities to run their own online commerce.
  • End customers need to purchase directly, but you need to include and pay partners.
SmartChannel Syndicated Commerce Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates channel conflict—engages your partners in every aspect of ecommerce, reward them them for adding value and provide 100% transparency to end customer data
  • Drives significant improvements in subscription and maintenance renewal rates
  • Grows online sales by leveraging your partners to market your products
  • Commissions and payments are fully automated

SmartChannel capabilities

  • Digital marketing support: Partners can access and place trackable digital assets on websites, emails or in-app. When end customers make purchases, the referring partner is credited. Every step can be tracked—impression, click and sale.
  • Renewal credit for incumbent partners: When an end customer renews a subscription, the partner who originated the initial sale receives credit and a commission payment.
  • Customer choice: Let end customers select the partner they want to work with at checkout based on their order content and territory—include partner bios, logos and links.
  • Relationship-based credit: Credit a partner for a customer purchase based on an existing relationship between the end customer and partner, or a registered deal—with the ability to pull information from SmartChannel or another system.
  • Storefront co-branding: Automatically and dynamically present the right partner branding and logos on your commerce storefront based on who the end customer is and how they arrived at your store.
  • Embedded stores: Allow partners with a strong web presence the capability to easily embed your store, with co-branding, directly into their website—partners receive credit for any order placed through that store.
  • Catalog syndication: Publish your catalog of products to partners for use in their own ecommerce or order management systems.
  • Quote-to-cart: Let partners create a quote, including the products needed for a specific customer, and send it in an email with a link to make the purchase directly from your cart, then automates to workflow for approvals.
  • End customer transparency: Provide partners with reporting and customer data in real-time as customers make purchases or renewals—avoiding the perception of “cutting out” the partner.
  • Multi-tier/multi-partner credits: Automatically credit a distributor (“Master”) partner based on data on a specific transaction, or an existing relationship between the partners.
  • Distributor recruitment and program management: Provide tools to distributors to recruit new resellers and pay the distributors for successful sign-ups and subsequent partner performance. Let distributors manage and monitor reseller performance.
SmartChannel Syndicated Commerce Capabilities
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