SmartChannel: Channel Partner Management

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Digital River SmartChannelTM is our industry-leading enterprise SaaS platform that extends ecommerce to your partner channel and SMB customers to grow revenue opportunity and reducing costs. Leverage its robust capabilities as a channel partner management system to add channel capabilities to your existing ecommerce infrastructure. It allows you to grow an online commerce channel without cutting out partners—sell subscriptions licenses through the channel, automate maintenance renewals and payments to partners, decrease cycle time and streamline channel processes.

Commerce Process Automation (CPA)

SmartChannel Commerce Process Automation (CPA) provides the right tools to streamline and automate commerce business processes addressing cloud delivery, physical/digital hybrid subscriptions, contextual commerce and the Internet of Things and mobile device commerce. Quickly extend or customize ecommerce processes without the high cost, long timelines or short usable life of custom code.

SmartChannel Capabilities


Comprehensive RESTful API fleet integrates anywhere: back-office/ERP, Salesforce, Siebel and others.

Multiple Parties

Manage resellers, distributors, ISVs and sales people on any transaction and in hierarchy relationships.

Implement Large or Small

Use individual modules or functions, roll-out to only certain partner types or geographies – expand as you grow.

Manage Any Channel Transaction

Marketing activities, specific order types such as renewals or upsells, as well as usage, quotes and product activations.

Any Incentive Model

Compensate partners and your partner sales managers for any activity and fully automate payment processing.

SmartChannel Business Models

Buy & Resell

The Buy and Resell SmartChannel model takes your current offline partner purchasing process and moves it online – allowing resellers to buy through a specialized purchasing portal. This model delivers all the benefits of online commerce to your most important buyers. Partners purchase products at their “buy” price and resell them to end customers. Resellers and B2B customers get best practice self-service and a B2B purchasing experience.

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Partner Marketplace

The Partner Marketplace SmartChannel model leverages your commerce infrastructure to provide a marketplace for the online promotion and sale of partner products. Many partners sell their own products – integrated applications that extend your products’ core functionality as well as service plans, training or even support. This model makes it easy and convenient for end-customers to purchase more related products and services, and provides a scalable, far-reaching sales and distribution channel to your partners.

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Syndicated Commerce

The Syndicated Commerce SmartChannel model allows you to involve your partners in every aspect of ecommerce. Your partners will have the ability to earn commission for referring sales from their digital marketing efforts, nurture renewals, send end customers to commerce check-out via quote-to-cart, syndicate your product catalog for their own ecommerce store and even embed a special version of your store on their website – complete with co-branding capabilities.

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SmartChannel’s Commerce Transaction Builder allows you to support any process or program: usage-based subscriptions delivered by multiple parties, quote-to-sale flows, cloud service metering, performance analytics and Internet-of-Things commerce.

We also offer a Channel Lead Management solution—allowing you to capture insight into your customer’s behavior, manage channel partners and increase revenue.

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