Global Commerce

Simplify complexities beyond the buy button

With Digital River’s Direct-to-Cart solution customers will reach the checkout page in just one click—increasing conversions and generating a positive user experience. We offer full-store and direct-to-cart solutions. Digital River’s checkout and payment processing capabilities include vast global payment methods. Take advantage of our comprehensive Commerce Business Infrastructure™ (CBI) solutions including:

Shopping cart

Digital River’s shopping cart allows you to create a streamlined approach to customers on your site. Through a variety of settings, you can promote up-sells, offers, bought-also-bought items, cross-sells and additional promotions to increase conversion rates on your site.

  • Multiple themes and layouts
  • Optimized for conversion
  • In-cart merchandising
  • Shopper authentication


Digital River has an established presence in many countries, giving you access to extensive knowledge of local customs and regulations. With more than 1,300 experts across five continents, we can anticipate challenges and provide solutions that enable you to succeed while focusing on the growth of your business.

  • Industry leading uptime and platform stability
  • Multi-data center redundancies to protect from traffic flow issues
  • Low cost transaction processing
  • Intelligent routing to improve authorization rates

Key Benefits

  • Alleviate risk
  • Simplification
  • Speed to market
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increased conversions
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