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Increase revenue and drive customer retention with Flexible Term Renewals

Delivering goods and services to consumers using subscription-based models offers many benefits over traditional, single-sale business models: smoother revenue flows, tighter relationships with customers and increased customer lifetime value, to name a few.

With Digital River Flexible Term Renewals, you have the control you need to safely transition your perpetual license buyers and annual subscribers to a low-churn, predictable, monthly recurring revenue stream. At the same time, you can differentiate yourself by offering flexible pricing and renewal scheduling that meet your subscribers’ needs. By testing Flexible Term Renewals in various areas of your business, you can hone in on which areas you want to optimize and improve focus.

Safe, predictable revenue streams

Even though the market is trending towards shorter renewal terms, managing the risk of these shorter terms can be difficult. Flexible Term Renewals allows you to manage your costs and risks by providing options for subscribers to commit to long-term pricing, while still paying monthly for their renewals.

Control over price changes

Today’s market conditions can shift in a heartbeat, and managing those changes with an installed subscriber base can be challenging. With Flexible Term Renewals, product owners have peace of mind, knowing that they are not held hostage by current subscriber commitments, and can react to the ever changing market.

Fewer hurdles

Flexible Term Renewals offers the best of both worlds, providing the flexibility you need to offer the terms and pricing your subscribers are looking for, and the control to deliver on it.

Digital River Subscription Solutions

Key benefits for your business

  • Greater flexibility for where subscriptions are used in your business
  • Simplified process by separating the term of subscription and billing model
  • Extended customer life cycle due to greater accuracy and consistency when communicating with customers
  • Fewer resource requirements for managing customers and products
  • Improved ability to carry out more granular cohort analysis
  • Increased risk management and price control

Flexible options for your subscribers

Ease of use

With Flexible Term Renewals, Digital River has taken elements of pricing, display and discounting and merged them into a single subscription tool. The term length and price options are set up and displayed side by side, making it easy for potential subscribers to compare options and find the one most closely aligned with their needs.

Increased satisfaction

Digital River Global Commerce is an end-to-end commerce solution with a powerful subscription engine built to drive sales of duration-based products into a recurring revenue stream. Our Global Commerce product offering with versatile payment processing and subscription capabilities can support your business with the everchanging consumer demands. Leverage these business solutions to increase your revenue stream, lower costs and support customer retention and satisfaction.

Example payment terms

Example Payment Terms for Flexible Term Renewals
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