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Provide the freedom to choose with Metered Renewals

Subscription-based models offer many benefits over traditional, single-sale business models, including smoother revenue flows, tighter relationships with customers and increased customer lifetime value. However, the subscription landscape is changing, with renewal cycles shortening, customers looking to maximize the value they receive and publishers interested in monetizing every aspect of their product.

Consumption-based subscription models are being applied to a more diverse range of products and services, and with that comes a need for options that support increasingly complex monetization strategies. With Metered Renewals, you gain the flexibility to bill by the seat, number of transactions, incidents, or whatever unit you want to measure by. Your customers also benefit with auto-renewing accounts that only charge them for what they actually use.

Simple setup

Metered Renewals is easy to set up, with a simple monthly model that is supportive of any measuring unit. All you have to do is set up Digital River Subscriptions, add a metering unit and apply your pricing model. Then keep track of the raw usage counts and send the usage data to us through our lightweight, restful API’s.

Choose your pricing model

Metered Renewals offers multiple pricing models that support hybrids of usage, tiers and flat fees. Combine that with the ability to charge for the type of measurement you prefer, and you can implement the perfect billing plan for your product to suit your consumer.

Greater growth opportunity

Because Metered Renewals is so versatile, you can attract a wider base of customers than you ever have before. And with multiple languages and currency support for US, Canada and Europe, you can accommodate subscribers in virtually every world market.

The versatility of Metered Renewals

The versatility of Metered Renewals

Keep your subscribers satisfied

Convenient pay-as-you-go plan

If they don’t use it, they don’t have to pay. When you use Metered Renewals, your customers will receive a zero dollar statement for any month that they are not utilizing their subscription. And when they do have need for it again, they can resume service at any time without re-provisioning.

Increase trust

Our mediation process ensures that your customers are only charged for their reported usage. This produces a high correlation between cost and value, resulting in happier consumers who are less likely to go somewhere else for their service. And, since they are not locked into contracts, they’ll gain the freedom they want without the cost.

The Digital River advantage

Digital River Subscription Solutions, when compared to other subscription services, offers an easier setup and the convenience of keeping everything in one place. Plus, when you team with Digital River, we take care of more than just your subscription models:

  • Expertise and global reach to support your business growth.
  • Best-in-class SaaS platform that can easily integrate with any third party systems to customize your ecommerce operation.
  • When you leverage our Commerce Business Infrastructure (CBI), we assume all risk and liability for transactions and banking relationships.
  • Extensive global payment methods and localization capabilities to provide a local shopper experience for greater sales conversion.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end capabilities to fully support your online business-one partner for all your ecommerce needs.

Digital River offers a complete suite of subscription products for continued growth.

Digital River offers a complete suite of subscription products for continued growth
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