Subscription Solutions

Drive revenue and retention with a recurring revenue stream

Whether you’re just getting started with subscription billing or optimizing an existing program, Digital River Subscription Solutions provides you with the flexible platform and localized payment methods you need to increase renewals and maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Built on a multi-tenant SaaS platform, our subscription solutions provide the critical infrastructure—and the flexibility—required to support and scale recurring revenue streams. With Digital River, you have access to highly-flexible billing terms, 175 display currencies, 28 payment types, and 200+ payment methods, an international tax structure and a worldclass customer communication platform to drive revenue optimization throughout the subscription life cycle.

Drive subscriptions renewals across the globe

By providing your customers with a localized shopping experience, you’ll not only keep them engaged, but also maintain relevance throughout the customer life cycle. With Digital River Subscription Solutions, you’ll drive revenue with optimized billing processes, create relevancy through a localized shopping experience and increase renewal rates through subscription life cycle communication best practices.

Access easy-to-use tools and detailed reporting

Driving intelligence and visibility throughout the customer life cycle is paramount. We provide the tools you need to forecast renewals and achieve predictability in the online channel. We also arm you with the actionable data and detailed reporting that you need to continuously track key performance metrics so that you can adjust and optimize your marketing activities—quickly and easily

Digital River Subscription Solutions

Subscriptions with a global reach

The Digital River Subscription Solution powers over 10 million active subscriptions.

Key advantages of Digital River Subscription Solutions

Flexible billing: Choose how to best partner with Digital River based upon your business model and product set. Take advantage of fixed, tiered and pro-rated pricing, multiple billing terms, metered billing and subscription plans.

Localized payment offerings: Accept payments that meet the expectations of your customers worldwide, including credit cards, PayPal, direct debit, ACH local currencies and more.

Personalized shopping experience: Provide your customers with a fully-customized storefront that supports 30 languages and serves as the gateway to a variety of global merchandising capabilities, including freemium, extensions, upgrades, discounts, cross-selling and preordering additional license offers.

Custom communications: Heighten service and satisfaction levels by offering your customers access to subscriber account self-service and localized messaging. Leverage a suite of more than 30 customizable email templates to supplement your customer service telephone and email programs.

Seamless integration: Easily integrate your customer account systems, back-office applications, and entitlement systems using our service-based APIs.

Robust reporting tools: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. With intuitive dashboards, detailed KPI reporting, and cohort analysis capabilities, Digital River clients have access to some of the best tools in the business for growing revenue, managing customer churn, and forecasting results.

Maximize renewal rates: Drive revenue and business performance with a wide range of tools designed to maximize renewal rates. From credit card expiration date management, multiple billing attempts, configurable renewal reminders, and multiple payment options, our subscription capabilities within the Global Commerce platform provide the tools you need to support customer reorders and renewals.

Impact your renewal rates

Our clients see renewal rates of up to 95% for monthly subscriptions.

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