Transaction Defender®: Payment Fraud Protection & Detection Technology

Benefit from fraud prevention knowledge and experience gained from processing over $22 billion for 100,000+ web stores around the world in 2013.


Digital River offers the most comprehensive online fraud detection and prevention system you can find, Transaction Defender®. Transaction Defender’s payment fraud protection technology contains some of the most advanced fraud detection tools available today.

We not only provide you with the tools you need, but we also manage them for you and accept financial liability associated with fraud. While its community data is what keeps your businesses secure, it also protects your customers’ information from our other users.

Transaction Defender's Offerings

Proxy Piercing

Detects when a proxy server is being used to try and work around common fraud controls

IP Geo-Location

Identifies fraudsters operating in remote locations by tracing IP addresses to their originating locales

PC and Device Fingerprinting

Detects and blocks machines used in fraud rings to prevent any further attacks

Customizable Fraud Thresholds

Creates ideal screening levels based on your unique business to process orders and block fraudulent orders

Intelligent Fraud Prevention Engine

Learns from past transactions, reducing the need to manually review orders for fraud

Rescreening Engine

Enables A/B testing to silently track how new fraud rules affect sales without actually implementing them

Screening Lists – Blocked, Trusted or Neutral

Compares each sale with lists of cyber criminals and validated customers

Velocity Checking

Tracks how many times specific billing information has been entered in a set period of time

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