Virtual Reality: Monetize Your Experience

Once a futuristic idea, virtual reality (VR) has gone mainstream and is offering an entirely new way to consume products across all industries. It marries the convenience of online shopping with the benefit of the in-person experience. Instead of just viewing a product online, you can now experience it without having to leave your home. VR speeds up the buyer journey process, enabling seamless research, trial and purchase all in one environment. This new distributed commerce experience resonates with today’s world—we can literally buy anything from anywhere.

Consumers can transport to any marketplace simply by putting their VR headset on. From the convenience of home they can enter a virtual store, experience products and instantly find out product details or change specifications, and make the purchase as though physically in a brick and mortar store or showroom. We seek instant information and shopping gratification and are moving to an entirely digital world. VR is truly the disintermediation of retail and the ultimate in convenience and efficiency.

VR is truly the disintermediation of retail and the ultimate in convenience and efficiency.

Industry leaders and monetization innovators

Digital River is the leading retailer of VR headsets and we are ahead of the market in this technology space as the first to commerce-enable VR. Companies like HTC and Samsung look to Digital River for our monetization innovations across all of their channels, including virtual reality.

It is time to evolve your ecommerce strategy and future-proof your business. Brands are expected to offer a highly intuitive and personalized online shopping experience, allowing the customer to get lost in the shopping experience. Virtual reality takes this to the next level by offering an emotional, fully immersive experience that transports shoppers into any personalized marketplace at the click of a button. Can your ecommerce partner support this?

Reality check: your current business model will not work for VR

This new channel will play by a new set of rules—it’s time to hit reset on your go to market strategy. In order to position your business to take advantage of this new market opportunity, you will need the right business support systems in place. VR requires different developer skillsets, technology systems and business infrastructure. Digital River has the right solutions to bridge the gap to help you get started, and with our APIs you can commerce-enable any virtual environment.

  • VR-enabled shopping cart
  • User management and centralized account
  • Universal wallet with stored payment methods
  • Order management with seamless cross-channel orchestration
  • IT infrastructure (server space, licensing)
  • Legal compliance around consumer protection

Ready for the new shopping reality?

Take the leap to transform your ecommerce channel. Talk to our experts on how to future-proof your business with a virtual commerce experience.

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