Advanced Ecommerce Analytics

Generate insights. Build revenue. Ensure every aspect of your store or business is performing to its full potential.


Digital River's MarketForce covers your advanced ecommerce analytics needs from start to finish—from tagging and setup to insight and optimization. Whether you want to get the most out of your existing Web analytics or need sophisticated measurement solutions, Digital River can provide the tools and services you need. Leverage our expertise with best-in-class tools and ecommerce and direct marketing measurement services to increase your online revenue and improve your marketing ROI.

Advanced Analytics Offerings

Web Analytics Consulting

Leverage our expertise to set up and utilize Web analytics tools (Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, etc.) to gain maximum insights about your website, marketing, customers and business.

Tag Management and Customization

By managing your tags through a flexible JavaScript solution, Digital River allows you to launch new marketing campaigns and vendors in just hours, benefit from customized tags that meet your specific business and reporting needs and expedite user experience by improving page load times.

Marketing Attribution

Understand the true ROI of your online marketing. Track users through multiple marketing touchpoints, measure the incremental impact of individual channels and campaigns and optimize your media spend.

Offline Sales Tracking

Measure marketing and website influence on total product sales – regardless of point of purchase.

Business Intelligence and Online Dashboards

Customized, integrated dashboards to keep the information you need at your fingertips.

Measurement Solutions

We’ll work with you on almost any measurement challenge. We’ll translate business goals and questions into metrics and KPI’s, and devise tools, techniques or experiments to measure them.

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