Leverage deep global marketing expertise to drive commerce growth

Backed by Digital River’s 20 plus years of experience, our MarketForce services include email, affiliate and search engine marketing, site optimization, onsite chat, dynamic personalization, advanced tag management and performance benchmarking. MarketForce uses advanced technologies and data insights to help companies acquire and retain the right customers and increase conversions, ultimately driving more revenue from their global online stores.

Acquire the right customers

How do you discover the right customer? A successful customer acquisition strategy has the right mix of search engine, email, crosschannel and affiliate marketing, display and retargeting, demandcurve and search engine optimization. MarketForce works with some of the biggest players in the commerce industry, and has helped generate over $1 billion in sales for its clients. Digital River offers programs in 80+ locales and 20+ languages so you can reach your target market, wherever it is in the world, in the right way.

Once you decide who to target, how do you decide how much to spend? Are you spending more than you need to on online advertising to acquire those customers? MarketForce has developed testing and performance methods to help you define your Customer Lifetime Value, so that you can gauge how much to invest.

Increase conversion rates

Increasing your conversion rate doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, it is a quick and inexpensive way to increase commerce revenue. MarketForce has over a decade of experience working alongside the commerce engine and understands the components required to increase conversions and drive more revenue. A combination of testing, voice of customer, exit-intent strategies, usability, personalization and onsite chat ensure end-to-end optimization, resulting in increased conversions for your online store.

MarketForce Online Marketing Solutions

Retain valuable customers

Acquiring customers is only half of the battle; after you gain them, you have to keep them interested enough to stick around. Let our team of experts guide you by using proven methods of measuring customer engagement, implementing advanced tag management and designing creative that resonates with your target audience. Our MarketForce team delivers custom reporting and analysis, integrating with third-party data management to make the most of your online marketing spend.

Amplify your commerce ROI

When you partner with Digital River to make MarketForce strategic marketing services part of your ecommerce approach, you will quickly notice an increase in revenues from your online store. Our clients gain significant efficiencies and better use of marketing spend by combining Digital River’s Global Commerce offering with our MarketForce services. Our integrated connection with commerce and performance-focused marketing gives you the competitive edge in the marketplace.

It’s our talented people and their passion for client success that make the difference. Put the best and the brightest to work for you by partnering with MarketForce for your strategic marketing needs.

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