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Sophisticated, end-to-end search engine marketing services help you achieve your business and marketing goals.


Digital River provides world class search engine marketing (SEM) services to support all of your business goals. Our team of global experts help you harness the potential of this key marketing channel, from strategy through execution of your campaigns.



Our team is oriented around direct marketing principles, positioning us to meet or exceed your SEM goals, whether it’s an ROI target, a cost-per-acquisition goal or to maximize revenue or activity against a fixed budget amount.


We manage all facets of your SEM campaigns to achieve your goals, including keyword development, ad copy creation and testing, bid management, landing page development and optimization, competitor analysis and more.


We employ the most sophisticated bid management tools on the market, enabling us to deploy a customized combination of portfolio and rules-based optimization techniques, search engine marketing solutions and manual oversight from our experts.


We ensure that your traffic is being optimized post-click, with rigorous champion-challenger landing-page testing.


Extend your acquisition efforts globally with our SEM teams located all over the world, marketing to more than 100 countries in 25 languages across all major and regional search engines.


We provide a comprehensive set of reports that’s uniquely tailored to fit your needs.

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