Acquire the right customers with a measurable search marketing strategy

A successful search marketing strategy requires the right balance of paid and organic search engine marketing (SEM). According to Forrester, digital will represent 36% of all U.S. ad spending by 2019, demonstrating the importance of a clear online presence.1 The ability to measure success in search marketing will make it easier for marketers to allocate additional budget dollars to SEM in the years to come.

By combining keyword strategies, remarketing, paid search advertising and behavior targeting through search engine marketing, you will increase visibility to drive more traffic to your website, and capture targeted customers to convert site traffic into sales.

Search performance that drives ecommerce results

Your dedicated team of MarketForce commerce marketing experts is accountable for the success of your search marketing strategy and execution. You will receive customized reporting that details the performance results that are most meaningful to your ecommerce business, and will not only gain visibility into how your business goals align with program strategies, but the hard data to support a successful plan to achieve effective marketing.

Paid search is another important area to invest a portion of your marketing budget. Optimize your paid search campaigns for specific ROI targets through a combination of portfolio and rules-based bid techniques. Digital River offers programs in 80+ locales and 20+ languages so you can reach your target market, wherever it is in the world, in the right way.

The power of Search Engine Marketing

The power of Search Marketing

Search engine marketing, including SEO, is the most effective acquisition channel for 85% of retailers.3 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.4

Optimize organic search to drive results

The first four positions on the first page of search engine results make up more than 60% of the click through rate, which means that it is extremely important to optimize the organic search channel to increase your visibility in search.2 Moving from 3rd position to 2nd can increase your click through rates by 42%, and moving from 2nd to 1st can increase your click through rates by 122%.2 Compound this with the fact that Google sees, on average, 12 billion searches per month in the US and just moving 1 or 2 spots up the search engine results page can have a drastic impact on your bottom line.2

MarketForce: our ecommerce-focused digital marketing agency

When you partner with Digital River to make MarketForce strategic marketing services part of your ecommerce approach, you will quickly see an increase in revenue from your online store. Our clients gain significant efficiencies and better use of marketing spend by combining Digital River’s Global Commerce offering with our MarketForce services. The integrated connection with commerce and performance focused marketing gives you the competitive edge in the marketplace.

It’s our talented people and their passion for client success that make the difference. Put the best and the brightest to work for you by partnering with MarketForce for your strategic marketing needs.

The right people. The right tools.

Digital River continues to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into identifying and developing the best tools and staff of search optimization experts for the job. Harness the potential of end-to-end search engine marketing and pay-per-click, from strategy through the execution of your campaigns. Digital River offers a great balance between program experts, global perspectives, and best-in-class toolsets for a one of a kind service that is both efficient and effective.

  • Email Marketing — Generate improved results at each step of your campaign, from end-to-end campaign design, to list management and segmenting, to testing.
  • Affiliate Marketing — Centralize your global affiliate program management with our multi-network approach, vertical focus and affiliate specific optimization strategies.
  • Display & Retargeting — Lift your revenue through site retargeting, look-alike modeling, behavioral targeting and more, using our direct response approach.
  • Analytics & Insights — Leverage our expertise in tag management strategies, cross-channel attribution and modeling, web analytics, site performance monitoring and customized reporting capabilities.
  • Site Optimization — Increase close rates, average order volume and revenue with our disciplined, data-driven approach.
Commerce driven digital & online marketing solutions
  • Free Trial Optimization — Drive sales and double the revenue efficiency of your free trial traffic with a proprietary trial optimization approach.
  • Dynamic Personalization — Increase revenue per visitor by 20% or more using our method of presenting behavior-based offers to customers.
  • Design & Creative — Improve results for custom-designed sites, pages and ads using scientifically proven principles.



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