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Payments & Risk: Go Global with Confidence

Be local. Everywhere. Take your business global, safe in the knowledge that we’re already removing the threat of fraud and taking care of local taxes, regulations, compliance and optimization.

More than just payments. Let us handle the risk.

How do we do it? Through our unique seller of record business model, which means you sell your products to us and we, in turn, resell it to your end customer. This momentary transfer of title means we’re on the hook for coordinating all key financial elements of an online sale, including processing and fulfilling orders, collecting and remitting all payments and taxes, and ensuring full compliance with country-specific trade and tax laws.

Benefit from our proven global infrastructure to enter new markets with ease. Acting as both the merchant and seller of record, we remove the risks and challenges associated with international payments. While you focus on growing your business, we focus on keeping it secure.

Localized Payment Strategy

The Onshore Advantage™.

We help you grow online revenue by giving you the Onshore Advantage™ of local acquiring, a significant upgrade from cross-border processing models. While cross-border solutions allow you to enter new markets, they diminish the customer experience. Problems range from charging consumers with foreign transaction fees after purchase to declining locally-issued cards. In contrast, we have 26 local acquirers and over 120 payment methods around the world to help you deliver great local experiences using the payment methods your customers expect.

The Onshore Advantage™ brings you:

  • Higher authorization rates
  • Lower cart abandonment rates
  • Better overall customer experiences
  • Increased revenue

API intelligence.

Leveraging Digital River’s global suite of APIs, you can plug our Payments & Risk solution into your front-end CMS or commerce platform. This means immediate access to the correct currency, payments, tax set up and fulfilment integrations as soon as you enter a new country. We remove the complexities of global commerce so that you can expand across borders.

Local expertise with powerful partnerships.

We’ve taken the time to form close partnerships with the world’s biggest banks and acquirers, which means you don’t have to. With over 120 payment methods and 46 currencies supported, we have the network and the infrastructure to support rapid business growth.

With over 25 years of global ecommerce experience and over 1,000 ecommerce experts around the world, we have the tools to help you make the best localization decisions. From understanding local tax and compliance laws to the nuances in local buying behavior, we’re on hand to guide you every step of the way.

120+ payment methods.

46 currencies supported.

Unparalleled global reach.


Tax complexity, simplified.

Managing taxes on a global scale is a daunting task for even the largest companies. Every market has its own complex requirements and the rules are constantly changing. In the U.S. alone there are over 12,000 state and local tax jurisdictions and emerging markets like Brazil cause headaches with convoluted filing and invoicing requirements. 

Scaling your operations to meet these requirements globally ian expensive endeavor that slows your time to revenueThat’s why leading brands choose Digital River to take on the complexity and risk. We’ll help you transact, comply, reconcile, and scale so you can grow your business with confidence.   

As the legal seller of record, we:

  • Manage registrations with local tax authorities
  • Calculate and apply local taxes and rules to checkout and invoices
  • Validate addresses at the point of purchase
  • File timely returns worldwide
  • Remit taxes accurately to minimize risk of fines or fees
  • Prepare for audits with flexible, on-demand reporting
  • Monitor tax changes in 14,500 U.S. tax jurisdictions
  • Simplify taxes in 175 countries

Calculate, collect, report, and remit.

We’ve got your tax needs covered.

Local Compliance

The importance of local when you go global.

We’re already selling in over 240 countries and territories. You can depend on us to make sense of the most intricate local customs and regulations. And by continually tracking the latest regulatory developments in markets across the world, we ensure you’re always compliant.

Managing personal and financial data.

Consumers are increasingly expecting companies to thoughtfully and securely handle their personal data. To help you do this we adhere to regulations such as PCI, SOC2, PSD2, GDPR and CCPA on your behalf. We also track restricted products in your target markets and screen against government blocks and denied party lists. We’re accountable for keeping you compliant, protecting you from risk.


With us, you’re compliant all over the world.

"Putting all of the accounting, tax, and fraud monitoring capabilities and infrastructure in place would have been a lot of incremental work — and costly. The fact that Digital River did all of that for us made it possible for me to get up and running quickly, and made it a lot easier for the rest of my organization."


Removing the fear of fraud.

Fraud is a constant threat for every brand selling online. And when you’re global, the challenge becomes even harder to overcome. By assuming liability for all transactions processed and all customer data collected on your behalf, we remove the need for you to fear fraud.

Safety in (very large) numbers.

By partnering with us, you’re backed by the most comprehensive fraud prevention technology.

  • Teams in the U.S. and Europe fighting fraud 24×7
  • Screen up to 400,000 transactions each day
  • 250 millisecond screening response time

Transaction Defender™.

Transaction Defender™ uses a broad range of sophisticated fraud prevention technologies. The tool combines data gathered from our global community of clients with an intelligent engine that can learn from past transactions and apply that knowledge to future transactions.

  • Device fingerprinting
  • Proxy piercing
  • IP-geolocation
  • IP address intelligence

Want proof that Transaction Defender™ works? We’ve blocked over 10 million fraudulent transactions since 2012.

125k – 400k transactions screened daily.

Your guard against fraudsters.

Billing Optimization

Increasing revenue and satisfaction.

We use Machine Learning (ML) to assess every transaction that we process. The result? Revenue optimization for you and a smoother experience for your customers.

We use ML and predictive algorithms to:

  • Study how banks issue cards to handle expiration dates with minimal disruption
  • Route payments to the most appropriate payment partner
  • Streamline billing scheduling
  • Customize renewal recommendations

Combatting churn.

As online subscription services filter into every major industry, managing churn rates can spell the difference between success and failure. Churn eats away at revenue and forces companies to work harder to find new customers and maintain existing ones. Online merchants need to understand both involuntary and voluntary customer churn in order to combat turnover.

  • Voluntary churn: when a customer chooses to opt out of their subscription, typically due to a perceived lack of value.
  • Involuntary churn: when recurring payments fail due to insufficient funds, credit card limits and restrictions, technical failures, and other reasons beyond the customer’s choosing.

We help develop a holistic approach to managing a subscriber lifecycle — from acquisition to payment processing to order management, and more. Resulting in a significant reduction in subscriber churn.

Onshore Advantage™ drives 8-15% higher authorization rates.

Ready for the ultimate ecommerce solution for global growth?