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Attract high-spending customers from around the world with Discover Global Network

Accepting cards running on Discover Global Network will provide you the opportunity to grow your online business by attracting affluent, international shoppers with high spending power to increase valuable cross-border sales. Discover Global Network is the third largest payment network in the world1 with over 70 million2 loyal, high-spending cardholders. These cardholders spend twice as much as other payment brands3 and are 61% more likely to make a repeat visit to accepting merchants.4

Access multiple cards through one powerful network

Accepting Discover Global Network cards enables you to tap into billions in international spending from multiple cards, including Discover card, Diners Club International and Alliance Partners from around the globe.

Discover Global Network

  • Discover is one of the most popular credit cards in the U.S., with one in four households owning a Discover card.5
  • Diners Club International is an exclusive payment card for affluent consumers with cards issued in over 65 countries. There are millions of card members ranging from affluent personal cardholders to corporate account holders.

Alliance Partners

  • BC Global Card is the largest domestic payments network in South Korea where a majority of their spend is online.
  • DinaCard is the national Serbian payment card operated by a division of Serbia’s Central Bank.
  • Elo is the largest credit card issuer in Brazil.

Discover Global Network quick facts

  • 3rd largest payments network in the world
  • 70M+ cardholders around the world
  • 39M merchants in 185 countries
  • Cardholders spend twice as much as other schemes
  • Cardholders are 61% more likely to make a repeat visit to accepting merchants

Grow your cross-border sales with our partnership

As a global acquirer, Digital River World PaymentsTM can help your business facilitate acceptance of valuable cross-border business through Discover Global Network. With our partnership, a single contract enables you to tap into the network’s affluent and loyal spenders. We handle everything from paperwork to configuring merchant setup and activation.


Partnership benefits

  • A single contract: Avoid the complications of multiple agreements.
  • Unified financial reporting: We offer standard reporting for a clear, cohesive view of the financial numbers.
  • Multi-currency settlement: We present more than 120 currencies and receive payment in the currency of your choice (USD, EUR, HKD, CNY, SGD and more coming).
  • Chargebacks: We handle the entire chargeback process and complete financial reconciliation and reporting, including debits, credits and representments.
  • Fast funding: We deliver either weekly or daily settlements, depending on volume.
  • Seamless merchant onboarding: We manage merchant registration and configuration, helping you get onboarded quickly and smoothly.


1 Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2020 – Regional Comparison, Retail Banking and Research (RBR), July 2015
2 The Nilson Report #1085 (April 2016) and Discover Global Network Partner Reporting
3 The Nilson Report #1037, March 2014
4 +R Research, International Acceptance Study, 2016
5 TNS State of the Card Market, November 2015

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