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Reduce costs. Reduce risk. An extension of your financial back office.


As an extension of your financial back office, Digital River provides transaction tax management services, removing both the burden of tax compliance and the financial costs of tax risk. As Seller of Record of your products, Digital River is the legally responsible party for calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting tax on sales to end consumers.

This removes not only the day-to-day tax administration, but more importantly removes the transaction tax risk inherent with end-consumer sales. By selling through Digital River, the audit risk on end-consumer transactions related to uncollected or under-collected tax shifts from you to Digital River.

Global Tax Offerings

Lowest Tax Rate for Consumers

In addition to reducing administrative costs and tax risk, our tax-efficient infrastructure managed by our team of experts enables tax savings to reach end consumers of your products resulting in repeat customers and a more satisfying consumer experience.

Full-Service Global Tax Services

We offer complete global tax services, including managing B2B tax exemptions, verifying VAT registration numbers and providing sequential VAT invoices and accurate tax calculations via a combination of our comprehensive address validation tool and robust tax engine, all enhancing the consumer experience. Additionally, tax display options, such as VAT-inclusive pricing or “pretty pricing” can be tailored to the specific local entities your business operates in.

Let Us Assume the Tax Burden

By acting as the Seller of Record, Digital River assumes responsibility for transaction tax compliance. We maintain compliance with ever changing global tax laws for clients, like the 2015 European VAT Law changes.

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