In-Country Merchant Global Payment Solution

Digital River’s exclusive and unique payment solution. Complete local compliance for your peace of mind.


Innovation. Expertise. Global reach. We have secured all the elements you need to expand your business into other countries and manage your success through the localized systems with our in-country merchant solution. In-Country Merchant is Digital River’s world class, localized global payment solution. We have made the investments necessary to establish legal entities and organizational structures to conduct business across the globe.

Our global merchant services leverage our infrastructure and benefit from a timely, smooth and cost-efficient international expansion. We partner with global merchants to provide a business entity at a local level that also includes local relationships and staff to help your business grow.

In-Country Merchant Offerings

Global Expansion Made Easy

Eliminate the need for local operations and staff, and dramatically reduce the entry costs when moving into a new market.

Reduce Overhead Costs and Risk Profile

Digital River handles everything from accepting local payments, fulfillment and fraud screening to country-specific regulations such as taxes, privacy issues, export laws, regulatory compliance, currency exchanges and more.

Avoid Management of Banking Networks

Digital River manages a network of bank accounts, partnerships and operational processes to support a local ecommerce experience.

Country-Specific Example

In Brazil, vendor management is crucial to long-term success, and Digital River leverages longstanding relationships on behalf of our customers. Decline rates in Brazil are typically above 40% if using a U.S. or European acquirer for credit card processing. However, if using a local entity, decline rates can be significantly lowered to 10-15%.

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