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Meeting the needs of savvy shoppers

Convert shoppers into buyers

Online retailers face many challenges in today’s competitive market. Online shoppers are more informed, more selective, and more demanding than ever. They are adept at finding, evaluating, purchasing, and returning products, and have no qualms about clicking to another site when they don’t find what they are looking for quickly.

To successfully turn shoppers into buyers, you need a payment process that caters to your customers’ specific needs and requirements, no matter where they live.

Digital River World Payments (DRWP) can enhance the relationship you have with your current customers and open your site to new shoppers around the world.

Localize the payment experience

Our work with leading online retail brands drives billions in global transaction revenue each year, thanks to our ability to design, manage, and customize online payment solutions.

Digital River understands that providing relevant global payment methods for a variety of customer demographics across geographical regions is necessary for global success. Many customers can’t—and others simply won’t—buy from you if you don’t offer their preferred payment method. As one of the Top 25 and Seller of Record today, we are able to provide the farthest reaching expertise and services in the ecommerce business.

We offer more than 200 preferred payment methods in 190 countries and over 170 transaction and display currencies. We support local and international credits cards, ewallets, retail bank products, alternative payment methods, and third-party solutions—all managed through a single connection.

Digital River World Payments can:

  • Increase conversion, sales and customer retention
  • Expand your global reach
  • Mitigate risk levels and reduce associated costs
  • Increase-back-office efficiencies
  • Reduce cost of handing in-bound and outbound payments
  • Convert corporate payments from a cost center to a revenue stream

Increase your speed to market

Timing is crucial when when launching your website to new international markets. For you to be a successful retailer you need a flexible payments program that allows you to add new markets, currencies, and local payment options as your business grows.

DRWP allows you to centralize your payments program and work with one partner to accommodate your expansion needs in a scalable manner. This helps you avoid time-consuming technical integration projects each time you add a new payment feature to your program.

By partnering with us you establish one connection into our vast array of card-acquiring capabilities and alternative payment methods, backed by our strong banking relationships with global processors.

Recognize valid customers and keep cyber criminals at bay

Digital River’s global fraud protection solution is specifically designed for online merchants. We offer comprehensive fraud screening and management, with access to global community fraud data collected from over 100,000 sites worldwide. Our Transaction Defender service is a best-in-class intelligent engine that identifies fraudulent or suspicious transactions based on patterns and trends collected from billions of transactions.

Simplify payment processing and reporting

DRWP simplifies the reporting process through data consolidation across all markets, currencies and payment methods to provide you with a single, easy to navigate reporting structure.

Our payments program doesn’t end with the collection of funds. We optimize your processes around payout services, including customer refunds, supplier or affiliate payments, and mass disbursements. You reduce costs by providing the ideal payment experience to your customers, suppliers and partners.


We offer products and services that optimize the payment experience for online shoppers:

  • Localize the shopping experience with local payment methods and multiple-currency pricing.
  • Improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment with checkout optimization.

The world of international payments moves quickly and changes often. To stay ahead of the competition, and create an optimal online retail shopping experience for your customers, you need a partner who has the vision to anticipate future opportunities, the breath of experiences to provide the right solutions, and the global reach to help you capitalize on them. Digital River’s relationship management team will support your continued growth every step of the way.

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