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Drive conversion with Page Optimizer

You know your products front to back. But do you know which little triggers on your payment page make your customers more likely to complete a sale? Or what small changes might provide the extra nudge they need?

Sometimes it’s as easy as reminding customers about your generous refund policy. Or displaying a security seal. Other times it might require you to offer preferred local payment options, or to display them at a different location on the page. When there are so many variables to consider, how do you know which change will make a positive difference?

Only customer behavior can tell you. And since customer behavior can change frequently, only A/B testing with Digital River’s Page Optimizer can provide the insight you need, when you need it most.

Use Page Optimizer to A/B test your payment page and find your winners

Marketers and designers use A/B testing to unravel user behavior and increase conversion rates. Now, Page Optimizer puts this powerful tool in the hands of payment professionals.

Using the Page Optimizer tool, you can create two versions of a localized payment page (A and B). Traffic is then randomly directed to each version. We gather the data for you and help you measure which version gave you the highest click-through rate.

With this data in hand, you can confidently display the best performing payment page to all users in that market. You won’t have to wonder if a change really made a difference. You’ll have objective proof that it did.

Digital River World Payments offers you the security-related benefits of a hosted payment page without losing control of the page design and test measurements that are crucial for your optimization tactics.

The key to your customers’ behavior

Testing and measuring the performance of your optimization tactics can help you understand how your customers think and behave on your payment page.

The knowledge A/B testing provides is your golden key because it is so highly targeted.

  • To your payment page
  • To your customers
  • To customers who are motivated to buy
  • To the exact changes you believe will encourage sales

Unlock the mystery of customer preferences

The goal of payment page A/B testing is to figure out exactly which page elements encourage shoppers to click the buy button. The elements you test will depend on your goals. For example, if you want to increase your conversion rate, you might test the following:

  • Adding local payment options
  • Changing the order of payment options
  • Adjusting the font size and color of instructional text
  • Displaying your return policy
  • Showing a security seal

Even the smallest change can make a big difference. For instance, we’ve seen conversion rates shift when the security seal is moved from the page header and placed next to the buy button instead.

How Page Optimizer works: a three-step process

Page Optimizer is integrated into the Digital River Command Console, our web-based payment portal. Once logged in, you can access all the tools you need to effectively manage your payment page optimization.

Here’s how you set up your A/B test.

  1. Create different versions of your payment page using our Page Builder wizard.
  2. Set up the A/B test in Page Optimizer, indicating which pages to run and in which market(s).
  3. Download performance reports as soon as the test is complete.

To support your global program, you can run multiple parallel tests on a global basis, compare results on a market level and share best practices between local market stores.

Get started today!

Page Optimizer is easily accessible via the Digital River Command Console – our web based payments portal and your single source for your payments data, online 24/7.

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