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Maximizing Subscription Revenue

Grow and optimize your subscription business with Digital River’s innovative billing optimization and Global Seller Services. Keep your revenue flowing and churn low with our deep global acquiring network and machine learning infrastructure that identifies when and where to route recurring transactions.

Customize your subscription management solution for your business

Rev up your revenue with a best-of-breed approach for growing your global subscription business. Using flexible APIs, Digital River’s Global Seller Services easily integrates with the subscription management platform of your choice, giving you complete control of the subscriber experience.

Minimize subscriber churn to sustain profitability

Digital River is laser-focused on minimizing churn. Our innovative payments and billing platform provide the industry’s most powerful and innovative set of tools to maximize your profitability.

  • Intelligent transaction routing using our extensive local acquiring network
  • Retry logic using machine learning to identify the optimal timing for billing attempts
  • Pre- and post-expiration billing attempts to optimize authorization rates
  • Automated card expiration date extensions
  • Account updater featuring more cards, in more countries, with more frequent updates

Reduce risk and complexity

Our Global Seller Services provides a single solution that removes the risk and complexity of selling subscriptions. As merchant of record, we manage the financial and legal challenges of selling internationally while you control the customer experience. With one simple integration, we localize your checkout, process payments, fight fraud, calculate and manage taxes, and comply with local regulations.

Accelerate time to market, simplify operations, and protect your business from risk.

Optimize your subscriptions revenue

Increase flexibility and control, decrease subscriber churn

Self-Service Simplicity

Need to be up and running in a matter of hours? MyCommerce from Digital River is a self-service solution that enables digital businesses to hit the ground running.

  • Speed to market – start selling fast with out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Enterprise capabilities – with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Local experience – driving conversions and higher payment authorization rates.

Go global in an instant.

MyCommerce is preconfigured, making it ideal for organizations selling software, services and digital products to quickly expand internationally.

  • Cloud ecommerce platform
  • Localized check-out experiences
  • Payment gateway
  • Fraud and data protection

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Reach customers around the world with local experiences

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