Could Your Brand Survive an Online-Only Holiday Season?

Uncertainty into Opportunity - Episode #4


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As many merchants prep for their busiest season, one thing is certain: this year’s holiday season will be anything but typical. COVID-19 has moved more shoppers online, with ecommerce purchases in April and May actually exceeding holiday season levels. With more shoppers comfortable making online purchases, and the pandemic continuing to keep people home, brands need to prep now for the influx of online shopping. 

From creating promotions that cut through the noise to ensuring consistency with your last-mile delivery, the way to win holiday 2020 is by building seamless online buying experiences that capture mindshare and elicit purchases.

Join us for our on-demand webinar in the Uncertainty into Opportunity series where we will discuss the expectations and projections for the 2020 holiday season, and what your brand must do to be ready come November.

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