Three Ways to Maximize ROI with Effective Ad Copy

By: Jeff Dahlby

Savvy digital marketers know that one of the best ways to improve ROI and drive more conversions is to optimize digital ad content.

Luckily, a little word smithing and a few emarketing tricks can get you most of the way there. Here are three tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Write more effective ad copy

Increase traffic to your ads by creating headlines that stand out in a crowd. Is your product on sale for a holiday or other special occasion? If yes, then name the event directly in the headline. Be sure to also include the brand name, as potential customers will likely use that term or similar combinations of it while searching online.

For example: “Just in time for Father’s Day, Brand X’s New Widget!”

To take your ads to the next level, try utilizing the trademark symbol – “™” – directly after your brand name. This will help give prospective customers extra confidence that they are buying from the trademark owner. This is particularly important when you are among a slew of resellers who may be selling competing or older versions of your product. If you are a major brand with global coverage, try making your ads stand out even more by utilizing country abbreviations such as USA, DE or FR. This will let buyers know that the ad will lead them to an online store with a localized experience.

Don’t forget your body copy too! Utilize this area to reinforce your primary message and call-to-actions. For limited-time sales, underscore the urgency and the discount in your call-to-action. Phrases like “limited time only,” “limited quantities” and “offer ends soon” are eye-catching and compelling. And you can’t beat discount numbers like “20% off” and “up to $20 off.”

For example: “Up to 20% off Holiday gifts… this week only.”

Be sure to leverage free shipping offers where applicable. Pay close attention to the competition, as free shipping has become table stakes particularly during the holiday season. Maintaining parity with competing ads will ensure that you earn your fair share of clicks.

  1. Use compelling landing pages and display URLs to position products

Create unique URLs that highlight exclusive deals and special occasion sales.

For example:

When visitors click the ad title, it should take them to a special landing page you’ve created that is unique to the sale. This page should include a number of compelling marketing messages to help drive conversions and build trust with your prospective customers:

  • Reinforce the discount percentage or dollar amount that was used in your ad copy,
  • Bring your best selling products above the fold (merchandising on the page is key),
  • Include bundling options or add-on products alongside your best sellers to increase average order values and help drive up your sales,
  • Tell consumers why they should buy from you instead of a competitor,
  • Offer an extended return period to help build trust,
  • Incorporate additional trust builders such as testimonials, and
  • Add social plugins to enable further engagement with your brand.

You’ve attracted the click on your ad and you’ve managed to get them to the cart, but that’s not all you can improve. Since the landing page is likely attracting many new customers, you should consider adding a guest checkout so new customers don’t have to register on your site in order to buy. This will speed up the checkout process, enabling your customers to purchase faster and be on their merry way.

  1. Supercharge ROI with Google Sitelinks and product listing ads

Google Sitelinks can help you capture a click-through rate that averages 30 percent higher than ads without Sitelinks.

If you’re not familiar, Sitelinks is an ad extension that lets you enter up to six links to accompany your primary ad copy. Sitelinks direct users to specific pages throughout your site, enabling them to see more pages, offers and call-to-actions.

By using Sitelinks, you can double the vertical space of each ad unit, which often moves competitors to the right side rail or further down the page.

Product listing ads enable you to double your exposure when they’re served in combination with your paid search ads. We’ve seen product listing ads drive anywhere from five percent to upwards of 50 percent of overall search revenues. And again, they allow you to include a lot of information:

  • a product image (a picture is worth a thousand words)
  • product title and description
  • promotional message
  • a sale price in addition to the regular price
  • product star rating
  • a feed containing information such as updated holiday or special sale offers

The competition for customer dollars is growing every year in the ecommerce space — and so are the opportunities.

Make your online ad content count by utilizing as many available features as possible, and test, test, test!

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