Three Ways to Supercharge Sales with Email Marketing

By: Kara Trivunovic

Industry analysts have been predicting the demise of email ever since social media platforms became a favorite communication venue for younger consumers. But the fact is – email marketing remains a strong channel that’s driving sales across virtually all customer groups.

Email is an effective platform for generating rich data that can then be applied to strengthen customer relationships and deliver personalized offers. But to take full advantage of its promise, marketers must be willing to change the way they think about email campaigns, shifting focus from gathering more subscribers to learning more about existing customers and using that knowledge to connect with them more effectively. Here are three tips that can help you make it happen:

1. Embed dynamic content. With this strategy, marketers can drive engagement by using content that conveys a sense of urgency. Examples of this include countdown clocks and crowd-sourced offers. Merchants can also tie dynamic content to specific cues, such as subscriber-area weather patterns, for example, offering sunglasses to customers in sunny areas and scarves to those in colder climates. Offers can also be tied to inventory levels to make sure out-of-stock items aren’t featured.

2. Build subscriber profiles. When you successfully engage customers via email, you’ll have an opportunity to pick up a multitude of data points and start to build a more complete and nuanced picture of your best customers. With each subsequent touch point, you can add another layer to the profile, including success rates for various types of offers. By doing so, you can achieve greater levels of relevancy and personalization with each campaign.

3. Solicit feedback and test new offers. Customers who have subscribed to your email list already have a stake in your brand, so they make an excellent test group. Solicit their feedback directly. Try different marketing strategies and product offers on this loyal group of customers to see what will resonate in the wider market, then analyze the data and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Email marketing is still an incredibly valuable sales channel, and it provides ready access to a group of engaged customers. As a marketer, you have a golden opportunity to more deeply engage your subscriber base via email, pushing out relevant content, generating rich data and testing new offers and marketing strategies on your most loyal group of customers. With the right strategy, email marketing can supercharge sales.



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