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512 Audio was the first of many brands to leverage Digital River’s integration for BigCommerce to launch their consumer audio brand.

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Consumer Electronics
The Customer

512 Audio sells coveted pro audio equipment including microphones, headphones, and other creator accessories.

The Challenge

512 Audio launched their consumer audio brand and needed a solution to help expand their business into new markets. They also needed a back-office integration that could work seamlessly with existing distributor relationships to simplify inventory management and cross-border complexities.

The Solution

512 Audio leveraged Digital River’s integration for BigCommerce, which provided an easy-to-use commerce platform and back-office capabilities in a single integrated solution.

“The Digital River and BigCommerce integration has allowed us to reduce our focus on back-end operations and spend more time driving sales through the platform.”

– Hillary Lyle, Head of Marketing, Warm Audio

The Story

512 Audio is a Texas-based company offering pro audio equipment built for creators. They were developed and designed by the same team behind Warm Audio, who offers an award-winning product line being used around the globe. In early 2022, Warm Audio announced their new consumer audio brand, 512 Audio.  

Before launching the 512 Audio ecommerce website, their team realized they needed a solution that could cover both the front-end shopper experience and back-office operations, with a seamless integration into their existing fulfillment solution. They also needed a solution that could help with their global expansion goals while handling both the domestic and international complexities of each transaction, such as tax and duty calculation, local currencies, payment methods, fraud, and compliance. 

After 512 Audio identified exactly what they needed in a solution, their team started researching partners who could check off their criteria. A few of their team members had worked directly with Digital River in the past and appreciated Digital River’s Merchant of Record model. And after reconnecting, 512 Audio determined that Digital River had everything they needed to successfully launch their new online store.  

512 Audio leveraged Digital River’s Global Seller Services integration for BigCommerce, becoming the first client to sign with the integration. They gained access to an all-in-one solution including an easy-to-use commerce platform along with support for localized payment methods and currencies, transaction management, taxes, fraud mitigation, compliance, and logistics support. 

With Digital River’s expertise, infrastructure, and capabilities at hand, 512 Audio launched their brand into the United States and are on track to expand into Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. “Since signing on with Digital River, we’ve been very impressed with how seamless all our operation platforms have been working together” explained Hillary Lyle, Head of Marketing, Warm Audio. Hillary added, “The Digital River and BigCommerce integration has allowed us to reduce our focus on back-end operations and spend more time driving sales through the platform.” 

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