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To create a diverse workplace where everyone feels included and enables us to better achieve our purpose and goals as a global organization.


To develop, promote and foster a diverse and inclusive environment at Digital River.

Why is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Important to Digital River?

DEI Employee Council

At Digital River, we have a global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Employee Council, whose charter is to Engage, Enable and Empower our workforce to celebrate the diversity of thoughts, skills, and experience that each of us bring. It is an employee-driven initiative focused on the creation of inclusive programs across a variety of demographics.

Our Employee Council includes representation from locations such as Taiwan, Japan, Germany, UK, Ireland, Brazil and USA. The Council embraces the diverse perspectives of all employees, at all levels of the organization and provides the opportunity for those involved, to share their lived experience, engage cross-functionally and cross-location, to grow as leaders and drive business outcomes. Their focus is to build inclusive programs across the organization.

DEI Leadership Advisory Council

We have introduced a global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Advisory Council whose charter is to Advise, Advocate and Advertise the successes and progress of the DEI journey at Digital River. The DEI Leadership Advisory Council will help to ensure ongoing alignment of DEI strategy with organizational goals, and leadership input & insights into the design & development of DEI programs.

Our Commitments

We are committed to developing a strategy that provides the clarity of where we want to go and what we want to achieve as a company. Our strategic roadmap is designed to create long-lasting and meaningful change, at regular intervals, through a series of incremental milestones, adding value to the organization at every step in the journey.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion