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Sell Digital Goods and Optimize Subscriptions

When selling outside your domestic market, managing digital subscriptions becomes exponentially more complex. As the merchant of record, Digital River takes on the financial and legal responsibilities of selling digital goods and subscriptions online to simplify and accelerate your global expansion. With leading digital sales and subscription management solutions, we optimize billing, mitigate fraud, simplify regulatory complexity, and reconcile your recurring sales globally.

Minimize Subscriber Churn with Optimized Billing

Optimize recurring revenue by lifting recovery rates and driving down involuntary churn. Our innovative payments and billing solution provides the industry’s most powerful toolset for retaining customers and igniting global growth.

Intelligent Transaction Routing

Uses machine learning, our extensive local acquiring network, and global banking connections.


Dynamic Retry Logic

Identifies the best time to resubmit a transaction as authorization rates can vary by country, hour of the day, day of the week, or month due to the timing of payroll and remittance cycles.


Account Updater

Features more cards, in more countries, with more frequent updates, to minimize decline rates.


Expired Card Optimization

Uses dynamic business rules and Machine Learning to update card expiration dates when account updates are not available.


Optimize your subscriptions revenue

Increase flexibility and control, decrease subscriber churn

Ignite Growth with Flexible Subscription Management Options

We’ve partnered with industry leaders in B2B and B2C subscriptions to give you the best tools and optionality for managing your subscription business. You maintain complete control over your subscriber experiences while we work behind the scenes to optimize renewals and protect your business from risk. Whether you need a flexible subscription catalog, dunning management tools, or subscriber communications, our optimization tools come natively within our partners’ platforms to make billing easy.

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MyCommerce from Digital River is an all-in-one, self service solution that enables digital businesses to serve customers around the world with a localized, seamless online buying experience.

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Reduce Global Risk and Complexity

Our Global Seller Services removes the risk and complexity of selling digital goods and subscriptions and accelerates your time to market. As your merchant of record, we manage the financial and legal challenges of selling internationally while you control the entire customer lifecycle. With one simple integration, we:

Go Global Quickly and Confidently

Take your digital business to new markets in as little as 6 weeks. Stay confident knowing you’re leaning on Digital River’s industry-leading 25+ years of global commerce experience to keep your revenue flowing.

Our Smart Automatic Renewal Service was recognized as a finalist in the Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution category.

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