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3 Essential Steps for Monetizing Your Online Game: Introducing a Three-Part Series

By: Jeremy Coker
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Designing a new online game that will engage and wow a new community of fans is not enough to achieve success in today’s global gaming industry. Somewhere along the way, you have to figure out how to effectively monetize it. After all, you didn’t pour crazy amounts of time, passion, talent and Red Bull into your game for nothing, right?

When you couple a great monetization strategy with the right digital commerce infrastructure and tools, there’s no limit to your game’s revenue potential. But consider your design carefully. You can lose fans very quickly if you introduce monetization tactics that are too intrusive, too cumbersome, or not relevant to game play.

Over the next few weeks, we will publish a three-part series spotlighting three crucial steps you’ll want to take to get the most out of your online monetization strategy and launch your game’s revenue potential into the stratosphere. Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find in this series:

  1. Start with a rock solid ecommerce infrastructure

    You’ll need a solid foundation on which to grow. Without the right ecommerce systems in place, your new game could flop before it even gets a chance to fly.

  1. Build your storefront with proven monetization capabilities

    Maximize your game’s revenue potential with dynamic and flexible commerce capabilities.

  1. Know your players and when to engage them financially

    Understand what makes your players tick and then deliver the right offer at the right time to the right player. Listen to your community—your game needs a long tail if it is going to be successful. If you don’t listen to your users and don’t have tools to dynamically update your game, you risk losing all that you’ve built.

What is monetization?

Put simply, monetization is how you turn your game and your passion into a money-making machine. But to compete in today’s innovative gaming industry, it’s much more than simply hosting an online payment page with some offers. Monetization is all about how you engage, motivate and reward players to keep them coming back. If a player blazes through all your content in a short period of time, they will quickly get bored and drop off. Even if you have a premium download product, most of your game revenue will come after the initial purchase, so when you consider a monetization strategy for your online game, think about how you can sustain a long-term relationship with your players.