The Customer

Global electronics manufacturer

The Challenge

The customer was looking to expand their direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce footprint into the EU and needed a partner able to assist with their global expansion goals while providing a quick and easy integration into their existing Adobe Commerce storefront.

The Team

Smart OSC - System Integrator

Digital River – Global Seller Services: Payments, Taxes, Compliance, and Fraud Mitigation

The Story

With the goal of launching a (D2C) digital storefront in the EU, the brand was interested in migrating their private employee storefronts into publicly available B2C stores. But they needed a back-end integration that could work seamlessly with their existing commerce system so they wouldn’t have to handle the challenges of switching storefronts. Because they wanted to reach EU customers as soon as possible, they also needed a partner who could provide a quick and easy integration.   

The brand discovered that Digital River offered a pre-built extension for Adobe Commerce that could give them instant global scale to solve complex challenges involving payments, taxes, fraud, compliance, and financial reconciliation. The combination of global scale, capabilities, and a seamless integration path checked off the brand’s main goals of their expansion mission.  

To help with the implementation, they chose to partner with a new system integrator, SmartOSC, as the brand was confident in the new partner’s ability to meet their project deadline. Together, Digital River and SmartOSC each brought expertise and experience with the Adobe Commerce platform. That expertise came in handy as the two partners collaborated to get the store up and running in multiple EU countries within 6 weeks, fulfilling the brand’s global expansion goals.  

Partnering with Digital River was vital in helping the brand scale, launching localized D2C storefronts in multiple EU markets in a short timeframe – all without disrupting their existing relationship with the Adobe Commerce platform. 

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