Digital River and InternetRetailing Jointly Host Webinar on How to Take Online Businesses Global

MINNEAPOLIS — Dec. 6, 2016 — Digital River, Inc., a leading global provider of Commerce-as-a-Service solutions, is partnering with InternetRetailing, a leading publication for professionals in multichannel retail and ecommerce across the UK and Europe, to present a free webinar for companies interested in accelerating the growth of their ecommerce businesses across the globe. The educational webinar led by Howard West, senior director of global strategies at Digital River, and titled, “Ecommerce: Strategies to Expand your International Presence,” is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 8 at 2:00 p.m. GMT. Registration for the free webinar is now open at

Ecommerce practitioners and strategists attending the webinar will learn about international ecommerce trends as well as strategies for building and growing an online business on the global stage. Following a phased “crawl, walk, run” approach for “how to” enter new geographies, the webinar will focus on five key areas of an online operation, including language, payments, customer service, fulfillment and the online shopper experience. Attendees also will learn best practices for navigating complex import and export regulations.

“For branded manufacturing and digital products companies, the opportunities to reach audiences in parts of the globe previously thought unreachable are opening up fast, with rapid advances in ecommerce technologies and digital channels,” said Jason Nyhus, vice president of global marketing and communications at Digital River. “It takes a sound strategy and a wealth of ecommerce experience to excel in international markets while safely and legally navigating the nuances of each geography. Our webinar is intended to help companies minimize their risks and maximize their results in going global.”

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