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Salesforce B2C Ecommerce Integration:

The Complete Global Payments, Fraud, Tax, and Compliance Ecommerce Solution

Single-Solution Provider





Benefits of a Salesforce B2C Integration


8-15% Higher Revenue

Increase revenue with local payment methods, innovative billing technology and local payment processing proven to minimize card declines.


6 Weeks Deployment

Enter new markets within weeks, not years down the road. Finally, you have a Salesforce platform solution that removes the challenges delaying your global expansion.


20-30% Reduced Costs

Simplify operations with the only ecommerce platform solution you need for managing global payments, fraud, taxes and compliance.

"Digital River’s product is a real game-changer. It takes the complexities and time of implementing payment methods within Salesforce Commerce Cloud and handles all of it automatically, with one simple and straightforward solution. It is pretty mind-blowing."
"Global expansion can be a great revenue driver, but there is also great risk if it’s not done right. This collaboration between Salesforce B2C Commerce and Digital River lets brands create the best experience for customers, while Digital River handles the back-end complexity."

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